Ancestral Heritage. VOICE SPEECH RIGHTS

In the Manifest data are transmitted at the sound.

Air density depends on the density of the solar wind, which is also energy.

In Navi and Slavi dissemination of information is the speed of light. In law, this is all the speed of thought. The speed of thought extends beyond the time factor. What do you mean, is the time factor?

Suggestion — the image, the speed of light to overeat dumb suggestion. Telepathy — the transfer of the image of thought. Light and sound effects. Cats have a slightly different perception of the principle of frequency: cats are able to close. Ultrasound is harmful to the fetus. Slavic same system of health recovery is built on the work of the cause. Remove the cause — and the effect will disappear. Why is it always had in the system restore health is very important.

Slavensky ancient language he had 49 drop caps.

How to cut the Russian. How to enrich Hebrew: lashenkoidysh-Aramaic, Hebrew and Yiddish. Functions of vowels and consonants. Circumcision dictionary Dahl 250 — 200-120 thousand words. ABC-letter alphabet. Five spelling and five meanings WORLD. The word "spit".

It it always had its figurative meaning.

Each letter, the letter is sometimes determines a measure of weight. Every speech — is vibration, it is sent, either up or down. Ie each reference to God, it leads a person to a particular section of the sky.

How to decompose any prayer. Our ancestors have always said: Need a way to whom we turn — Idols and images.

Eastern Christianity ie Orthodox faithful, icons written in the Greek city of Ikonos. Western Christianity took over Kummiry — figurines. If you take the Aramaic prayer to Jesus, it completely shows what? Pisces. Jesus Christ, the Greek — turned IHTIOS — the first letters. The symbol of the early Christians, or rather first Nazarian, the followers of Jesus, was fish-herring. Modern Christianity — it's all Paul has created. Star Trek prayer, where she eventually comes to what constellation to which the Earth. Our hymns are in different constellations, but they usually do not go to those constellations which are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, ie induisskie we go to Svarga. And those are mostly in the eastern side. Everything is already invented.

For our ancestors to be treated in their own language, if you want them to understand you. Now the concept of Hara gave a negative value, and used to be a positive, because HA-RA — a positive glow.

Now more people communicate through speech, or as they used to say: Rekuschie. What is similar in consonance? From the river. The river is our flow of energy. But there is a surface, remember, like gasoline on the surface of the puddle? There is a median, and has a depth. But the water is composed of particles, and each particle flows differently. Ie coast flows more slowly in the channel quickly, in the depths near the bottom, it can be very quiet. So graphically comparing, we can schematically can divide it into three structures that to Reality, Nav and right (Figure A):

In Reveal, we send the information from what speed? It is transmitted by the speed of sound. Mind you, I do not write any specific numbers, such as 300,000, because the speed of sound varies Reveal: In the air she was alone in the water it is different, in stone and metal that is the third Depending on the density, even in the air, the speed of sound will be different.

Ie may be that at a stop in 5 meters away from you will be talking two people and you do not hear what they were saying. But in the night you can hear the rustle or creak, and so one and a half kilometers. Why there seems to be side by side and not heard, and heard a great distance?

Because the density of the air is different. What distinguishes it? Dense flow of the solar wind. A solar wind is also energy. By day it fills, so the wavelength, the propagation speed is slower at night faster. So I do not write a specific number of speed, just mention it is the speed of sound, and Reveal it in different forms.

In Navi ie it is in Navi and Slavi dissemination is the speed of light. Again, I do not put a specific figure. I explain why. Materialists spent a lot of time experiments to determine the speed of light. That they took as a basis? Let's say a certain amount of overlap and learned propagation length. Then they brought out the formula, the light from the sun to the earth is flying as much as 8 minutes. But where at the moment is the Earth? After all, in our own land, influence and near Earth, which are closer to Yarylo the Sun, the Earth and the distant that Oreya Earth — Mars, Earth, Perun — Jupiter, Earth Stribog — Saturn and so on. And they're not in vain, even modern astronomers call the giant planets that their gravitational fields, geomagnetic, as if they pulled on our planet from the Sun and the distance is not always the same. Therefore, when conducting experiments, some have turned 289,000 miles per second, the speed of light, someone turned 489 km per second, someone 370,000. But they then spat and recorded the speed of light 300,000 miles per second. Average.

But note that in the early 90th American scientists, measuring the flow of light from quasars, determined that one rate is about one billion kilometers per second., Others, and 4, and 12 billion miles per second. Ie the difference between 300 000 km per second. and billions of miles per second. significant and the speed is different. So we are talking just about the speed of light. Why is the speed of light different? Yes, because they classify some star from the spectrum of its radiation. And taken as a basis for our terrestrial measurements: Speed such and such. And then take the coefficients of spectral shift and say that the light from the star is flying to us 100 000 light-years. Even on our antediluvian ships can be up there for a month to fly. Why such long distances? Or any of you thought when you said that to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri 4 and one-third light years, and who was measuring? and what line?
Because the light is very clever system. Please note that we are looking at the heavens and see a star. And it can not be here with respect to the Earth, that we perceive it this way. And it can be located in several other places, but we perceive it exactly where it can see, because the light is not going in a straight line, because along the way, then a lot of stars occurs, and planetary systems. And each has its own gravitational and electromagnetic component own oscillating frequency that having energy impacts, for example, to zigzag, and here … (?) And the spectrum, imagine, as much as he, the light beam, walked from star to star. And it turned out-that the way something huge.

Many say: Well, because there is not proven. I ask: Why are not proven? TV screen: the beam from the electron gun, which is? A straight line. And in his way is the yoke and the light beam is deflected voltage, so what? Draws the strip, and so many of them — 625 lines, or he needs, but we have a line, and he at first even, then odd draws. And we see a picture. Ie If light intensity of the light beam still refuses, and the stars and the Earth are more powerful electric, electromagnetic radiation, so they can also take away. That is why we are here? simply write: The speed of light. Without specifying to what exactly is the speed of light.

And then, in the right this is going the speed of thought. Ie just thought about it and have — everything.

Mind you, that's the whole shaped structure for the speaking person. Although however, thought it is the time factor. T.e.ona almost instantaneous. Maybe even ahead of time, so, again, the speed of thought extends beyond the time factor.

What do you mean, is the time factor? We were sitting in, say, the audience at the Institute, and lecturer at the lecture only opened his mouth to say something, and we already know that it is utter. Why? Because our brains got him thinking. Ie This caught his thinking at the level of the Government of the World.

Further, the image that we are passing through it, imagine, I removed one component — the reality. Ie I removed the speed of sound. We just left — the speed of light and the speed of thought.

Ie way we pass the speed of light. As we call it. This we call the suggestion that dumb suggestion, or as it is called, the suggestion in the waking state is, is suggestive principle.

And if we pass here in the absence of these two — the speed of sound and the speed of light, here it will be that telepathy transmission way of thinking. Not the very idea, as it is perceived sound, and the image itself.

Ie If we do not have the speed of sound that is without sound, this we will suggestika. Ie looked at the man and the child, and only thought: Come here! Can you show a gesture. And the baby is coming. Ie him as if inspired. But so it went, we look: Go, go! ie We would like him to inspire, and it goes. This is suggestive effect.

When there is no explicit and Navneet, it's a telepathic influence. Ie immediately followed by an exchange. And it happens instantly.

There are other forms, for example, if we do not use the image of thought, and sound and light, then it will be a reflex or a pure sound. We hear the sound, and they have a pre-defined forms that are no longer perceived by the brain and spinal cord are seen, the music at a frequency of 16 hertz, we will hear the horror that is like other forms of perception.

Or light, for example, the driver goes driving. Lights up red light, because he did not hear a sound or signal, but it is again — and on the brakes. Why? Because red spectrum valid warning. And the man stopped. And mind you, never in hospitals, particularly psychiatric, not dyed red walls, to avoid irritating and soothing color tones — white or blue tones. This is the color effect.

Or sound — beep, alarm buzzer, the alarm, there is no way there he rang, and our internal alarm system is triggered by the frequency. Or frequencies, which are transmitted to certain levels ie say that we are the low frequency sound from a half to two hertz, the person will fall asleep. Frequency of about 5 Hz in humans will cause fear. Pilots were not allowed to go out in the storm clouds because there is dominated by the frequency that is 5.7 Hz infrasound, which can bring the brain into resonance and the person dies. Ie wild fear, self-preservation is included, so full of so far, the so-called Flying Dutchman when to board a ship, and there coffee is boiling, everything was ready, and no one else. And why not? Scientists have even come up with that name, "the voice of the sea" — infrasonic waves. It spreads across the water at speeds of around 700-800 km per hour, and people immediately panicked — who is in the water in all directions. And it was only three cases in which the ship's cat is still alive. But cats have a slightly different perception of the principle of frequency: cats are able to close.

The same goes for the upper world. Infrasound, people can not hear, but it might have something to frighten.
Microwave frequencies. Ie they have been using as a system of psychological impact. Or for treatment with ultrasound, UHF, etc. Or a pregnant woman is sent to study ultrasound. Note, however, has a certain ultrasound frequency spectral flux. And irradiation yes, it shows approximately half the child, if the child is deployed as needed. But it is this flow like a child eats all the other threads. Valid. if the range of perception of the world was a child wide UHF after it becomes very narrow, and the baby is in the womb, as it were locked. So I do not understand why go and watch the sex of the baby. Which created such a woman gives birth. And there is no guessing born — see. Do not need.

The Russian comedian Mikhail Zadornov is the phrase from which our Soviet doctors treat, on our people and die. Zhvanetsky adds autopsy revealed that the cause of death was an autopsy. A sick doctor who to go? He goes to the candidate of medical sciences. That it treats. Ill candidate of medical sciences is a doctor of medical sciences. A sick MD goes to grandma-quack. Here it is the principle. Ie to someone who knows.

Ie all modern medicine is based on the work with the consequence that that is brought into the human body from the outside. Slavic same recovery system it is built on the work of the cause. Remove the cause — and the effect will disappear.

Therefore, it has always been in the system restore health is very important. Why? Because it always has a wave shape. Energy wave. Therefore grandmother that do? Began to speak, whisper, report. People became ill, his kolyat injections, etc. And my grandmother whispered to a glass of spring water, the patient drank the water, and the disease is gone. And doctors: Che you whispered there? And what difference? Man helped all. Here it is we are human. But mind you, grandmother whispers at the water in the modern language. She reads the old prayers, old hymns, the old treatment, and read them in Russian, not Soviet, that is, for even before the revolution. Why? Because he shaped. And she knows the essence of the image. Grandparents — conservatives in general they read in ancient slavenskom. He even richer.

After notice, voice speech rights, because now, you can hear the children say it is not clear what. And why not? Slavensky ancient language he had 49 drop caps. Cyril and Methodius simplified to 44, be cut. Yaroslav the Wise one more drop cap removed, it remains 43. Peter 1 exterminate to 38. Nicholas 2 to 35. Lunacharsky further reduced to 33 and put the letter "E", which was not. Up to 33, and he removed the images and included it as phonemics. Language became ugly, si it ugly. Therefore generally gone very structure slovopostroeniya — where, what and how. And then any language when it develops? When his imagery increases, right? It's not just the same way there were 49 drop caps. Once upon a time there were fewer. And then they grow, grow and grow.

Take the example of the Hebrew language — ancient lashenkoidysh — 22 letters. Then he shared the Aramaic, which later became the modern Hebrew. In Hebrew, the first also had 22 letters, then increased to 28 Hebrew. Yiddish — 28, then 30 letters. Modern Hebrew is now there to direct and already 32. Ie mind you, living among the people that he was the Jewish people? It enriches the expense of others, adds. Blowing, they call it the final letter, ie added, as end. but they also have obtained more letters, then writing the image gets more so, it is evolving and developing people so?

And we have that? 49, 44, 43, 38, 35, 33, now about 30 — E stopped using, write E, and instead of b and b — hard and soft sign put an apostrophe — a comma. Three letters cut. Now all of the proposed reform — to simplify and 26 Russian language ie as to the Latin alphabet. So, gone are the letters, compare was 49, and now 30 to 19 decreased.

After all, mind you, before the spread was 19 vowels. Now how many of them? Nine 9. Ie ten 10 removed. But mind you, they read, we have the same voice speech rights, and that they read reported some image. And the other characters that they are among themselves? Coordinated. Ie according to the image they were. Therefore, the letters referred to as? Consonants. Ie they — agree. But they removed from the language.

So watch what happens. We have to go back to it still. One of the phrases Lunacharsky that repeat like parrots, philologists, which I call the word "Philo." When they ask: What do you want? I say: I want our language back to their living forms. Even in Dahl when he published his work, he had 250,000 words. Then in the next edition, there were 200. Now issue, I think, something like 120,000 words.

Lunacharsky, said: Why do I need an alphabet? But we have also been what? Initial letter first, then became ABC, And they created the Greek alphabet style: Alfa Vita ie Home — Life. And the beginning of life, the child? "AAA" — the sound. If Az Buka ie I know: Az — a God who lives in the world, ie, Beech literally, learn about the world, because in the initial letter was: AZ Gods ie and studied it: Az God knows, God knows, Verbs Welcome, Welcome Verbs Am Life, etc. See, there were 5 letters. Lunacharsky already reached up to 4.

And note, mir, Mir, mir (letter «i» — here with two points from the top), Mur (instead of the second letter, here's the letter "u" — another sign, which is not on your keyboard, see Fig. B) , mind you, I say in 4 letters, that's what it was before Lunacharsky, and the fifth is removed from Cyril Methodius. But note that mir with "I" on one point through Izhei means — the universe, Who art in mir — means a state without war, mir (with two points from the top «i») through Init — this is our community, hence: World decided , the world agreed, lay people, and the fourth writing Mur — this fragrant oil. But let's write a fifth spelling of the word: Mhr (instead of "x" — another sign, see Figure B) — after Etta means: a measure of time. see, five 5 letters "I", seems to be one and the same word. Now watch, sometimes they write on the walls: World Peace! What does that mean? That — the universe — the community? Or of war without aromatic oil for? Ie what meaning?

As well as in the word "spit" was a few letters "O": O — normal, D — short, O — yetirovannoe bow, O — polukratkoe. Therefore Spit — maiden written by one letter O, Sandy Spit — through another spit in the sense litovochka, mow the grass, it was written by a third. Ie When a person reads, he knew what it was about. And if it is written: And he went to the river and saw a beautiful braid. Scythe standing? Man with a scythe? Or sandy beach? What did he see? Guess myself.

Therefore, it is always been a figurative sense. After all, mind you, it's not just initials. This is also the numerical value. A numeric value, when combined, create a completely different structure. What do you mean, a different structure? Each letter is sometimes gives a measure of weight. Therefore, each letter had the measure of weight. Hence the rest of the expression: A weighty word best proof. Why is the word can be replaced by another, much like the image and on the same specific gravity.

In modern society, the child gets double the locale: in the street, at school, in college, they speak the same language, come home, they have to readjust to a different language. Because if they would talk on the street slang of the house, they will ask you for some bins been? Go wash your mouth after such a language. And came out of the house with other people it will be perceived that the black sheep listening to his other simply will not understand. Now come to the point that the children from one neighborhood does not understand children from another district, because all his slang. And why not? And because they had seen all sorts of films, the parents speak the same language, the school on the other, a street on the third, all poperemeshalos, and it is not clear who is in what he says. Therefore, the language of the children is completely different.

We write a short Christian prayer:

"Hey, svyatche God, hear nas pleading an (CR — a form of Himself, so it is understandable why the previously written rately. Mohl-CR ie begging you) you ting (it reads like a" SO "and not as "C") with faith and love, and not despise nas, trebuyuschih your intercession. "

Calculate how much you just get the word out with the unions? 19 words. Now, remember that they are at the end of each prayer? "Amen." Ie a total of 20 words.

Why we did this Christian prayer? Every speech — is vibration, it is sent, either up or down. Ie each reference to God, it leads a person to a particular section of the sky, of course right?

So take any prayer, our — our not, whatever. Laid out in her speech in pairs, and consider the number of letters in the pair. The first word in the pair is among you, let's say, the characteristic axis abtsiss "X", and the second — the characteristic ordinate "Y". The figures are repeated, this point you obvedete circle.

Divide the word pairs and count the number of letters in a word (did race, double check for yourself):

She svyatche — x = 2, y = 6, is the position of the first pair of words in prayer, which is plotted on the axes X and Y. And so all the words of prayer, and connect with each successive point with the previous one: God hear — 5 and 6, nas imploring — 4 and 7, camping you — 2 and 4, ting faith — 2 and 5, and love — 1 and 7, and — 1 and 2, despise nas — 6 and 4, requiring your — 9 and 6, intercession amen — 11 and 5.

Therefore we have always said: Need a way to whom we address. Therefore, our ancestors did what? Kummirov or to focus or make the image to be adjusted, to see and handle.

Looking at our Ancestors, Eastern Christianity ie Orthodox faithful, they also began to try to make the volume of the image of the tree, but they do not work, and then they come up in the Greek Ikonos, they began to draw on the boards of his images, but in order to make the volume of gold and silver did salaries — reflennye lining . And these images made in Ikonos, Christians called icons that from the name of the city where they are produced.

A Western Christianity, it did not go on this way, it is apprehended another, ie, it took Kummiry, so they started to make statues. But all the same, and they both adopted from us.

So, some parts of the sky that is if, for example, if we take the Aramaic prayer to Jesus, it completely shows what? Pisces. And notice, Jesus Christ — Greek turned IHTIOS — the first letters, so the character of the early Christians, or rather first Nazarian, the followers of Jesus, was the fish-herring (Figure D) and fed them with fish, and named by fishermen, and they did — the Great fisherman, and modern Christianity — it's all Paul has created. But the point is not the point.

Now you have to decide where to go this appeal. I'll discuss this with a few examples: on Christian prayer — where is Christian prayer, then, let's take the first Sura to Allah: In the name of Allah, etc. Can be taken from the Russian version of the Koran.

Connect each pair of words followed by a period of prayer with the previous thus show the flow of energy from which star to what is energy. After all, we have already said that they are stars that? They reject the beam. So, given here are all variations, you draw star way of prayer, and where it is, after all, comes in what constellation to which the Earth.

Q: What about our hymns to which constellation?
Answer: We are hymns to different constellations, but they usually do not go to those constellations which are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, ie induisskie we go to Svarga. And those are mostly in the eastern side.

You can not figure out why? Because everything is already invented. New — is well forgotten old. Therefore, even if you think of something, come back, and no one will know it's like that I start to tell you the story in Chinese. You will understand it? No. Ancestors and will not understand what you want to say to them, in particular. Because you're asking, as a rule, in their native language. not the Soviet, communist or democratic language.

Maha Mantra Hare Krishna:
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare, Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. And mind you, not Krishna is said and Krishna.

Now the concept of Hara gave a negative value, and used to be a positive, because HA-RA — a positive glow.

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