And the anti-parallel

April 2, 2012 4:50

Most recently spread around the world sensational news first on the accelerator at CERN in Geneva was once 50,000 particles of antimatter. CERN has announced that this year the experiments will be continued. Meanwhile, physicists from the University of Melbourne, Robert Foote and Saybal Mitra made a stunning hypothesis that antimatter around us literally from all sides, even though we know by naively unaware of.

The idea of Wonderland was first expressed by Lewis Carroll. In this funny laws of the country are quite different from the usual, which could partly explain the duality of the nature of Carroll, who was devoted to studying the basic forces in mathematics, but gained worldwide fame in the writer's career. In 1950, when not a fantasy, and in nature for the first time showed signs of the Looking-Glass, confirmed that the matter and antimatter are not symmetrical, and live by different laws, writes

For a long time it was believed that the universe is almost 100% composed of matter and antimatter, which at the time of the Big Bang was the substance in equilibrium nowhere disappeared. However, recently the top takes antiteoriya: antimatter much more, up to 90%. Adherents of this release are Australians Foot and Mitra, which are based on the data in the calculation of space telescopes "Hubble" and "Chandra". The thinking is that if, as stated, there is an invisible planet orbiting the visible stars, you have to be invisible and robust sunlight, around which the visible planets. American John Kramer takes this idea: hypothetical antizvezdy should be constructed of anti-matter, and then it is not in the universe 90 and 10%. But this is much more than previously thought.

In contrast to the marginal scientific theories such as torsion fields, the idea of looking glass is extravagant, but not in conflict with the modern scientific paradigm. Indeed, the decay of neutrons, electrons and neutrinos, which rotate clockwise. By conservation laws if there are 'left-twisted "particles must be" pravozakruchennye. " According to these researchers, this is the anti-matter, which can interact with our own matter only gravitationally. Through the Looking Glass, and therefore remains invisible. Nobel laureate Abdus Salam believes that this is the most important theoretical idea, which needs experimental confirmation. Nobel laureate Sheldon Glashow is going to put in CERN experiments to find some other ways of interaction between two worlds and make antimatter come from the dark scenes. Will not this Pandora's box?

Following the example of Carroll Professor Foot develops exciting opportunities through the mirror: in this world has its own invisible to our planet. Foote believes that open space telescopes planets of other solar systems are mirror that is built of antimatter. Another enthusiast mirror world hypothesis Zurab Silagadze from Novosibirsk went further, suggesting that a hypothetical invisible companion of our sun, the star of Nemesis, which, perhaps, sends the solar system long-period comets, is not found until now, precisely because it is made up of mirror matter .

Not only the planet, but the stars, quasars, black holes — all repeat space in parallel in the same proportions, but is constructed of mirror matter. About the mysterious antimatter we can only guess based on the strange gravitational effects observed by spacecraft. Believe Foote and Mitra, only antimeteority of antimatter could leave the asteroid Eros, which recently visited the earth aids, such strange craters. That the objects of antimatter are responsible for many unexplained phenomena, the list of which were Foote and Mitra.

"Mirror" was, for example, the famous Tunguska meteorite. That's why his remains to this day and are not detected. But they are there, available antilyudyam of antimatter. In 2001, Jordan and the sky sverzlis meteorites that have been well documented, but not found. Found only charred ashes yes trees. And somehow, rocks and bushes burned exactly half …

This idea is of course necessary to its logical end: UFO made of antimatter, "little green men" live in Wonderland and visit us on the occasion, broke through antibarery. More than that, if you stand on the path of speculation and guesswork, why not accept that the Earth has a twin — an invisible mirror Antizemlya. It is our place in space and time is running out there in parallel to ours, but we are in the dark. Sometimes only observe indirect evidence of the presence of antimatter — poltergeists everyones Barabashka, ghosts and so on.

Do go to the contact with the antiworld? Judging by the planned experiments, it could happen any day. But the idea is very risky. Because of the public's thoughts and twisted in the opposite direction, and the inverted morality. Embrace it open enemies inflict pain loved ones grieving friend of luck, effort spent on empty enterprise. Here in the real world, things work much more efficiently.

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