Andrei Bondarenko third consecutive hit in a prison lock-up

For that again punished with solitary confinement prison inmate Bobruisk colony, UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko? Autukhovich "pulls the strap of a conventional prisoner." The former prisoner, an activist of "Tell the truth" Michael Bashura appealed.

Valeri Bondarenko

The fact that Andrey Bondarenko again in the prison dungeon informed "Freedom" the father of former owner Valeri Bondarenko:

"I received a letter. Located in the "shyzo." For the third time in succession. The letter does not say what for. There have been reports that were forced to work in hazardous environments, as said earlier, and now allegedly given a broom and told to sweep the prison yard, and he refused. As if for that. And for how long — is unknown. After all, wrote yesterday that soon wrote a letter, because it is about to "shut down".

Valeri Bondarenko very worried about his health. Commissioned by the prison doctors, his father sent for his son banderollyu medication. Valeri Bondarenko says it's so different medication that is clear: the son of a "bouquet" of diseases and even in prison there is no way to treat them. Letters Andrei houses in which he writes that "feels good", said the father trying to calm him down.

Zmtser Laevsky

Lawyer Dmitry Laevsky, According to Valeria Bondarenko, was unable to visit the prisoner this week because of employment. Father Andrei Bondarenko hopes that the visit will take place in a few days.

"There is no news fromAutukhovich no. Writes that all goes with it is still pulls "the prison strap," as all the other prisoners — said about Autukhovich his friend, a human rights activist Oleg Volchek. — Every day the same. In the morning rise, check. He lives a normal life convict. "

October 29 activist of "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura, who served in prison for more than 2 months, filed a Soviet court in Minsk against the verdict, which he made last week judge of the court Cyril Poluleh. On this day in court was on duty Cyril Poluleh, so he had to make a complaint against the decision, which he accepted.

Help Liberty

Entrepreneur of Vawkavysk Autukhovich and former military Vladimir Osipenko, who were accused of plotting a terrorist act against senior officials of his guilt in court is not recognized and stated that they are being persecuted for anti-corruption activities. Both are in custody since February 8, 2009. Autukhovich sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition, Vladimir Osipenko to 3 years for illegal weapons handling. Mikhail Kozlov, who was also convicted in the case, in August, was freed under an amnesty after a year of arrest.

An activist of "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura was arrested Aug. 6 and later he was charged with re-forgery, for which he faces up to five years of restricted freedom. October 19 sentenced Michael Bashurov a fine of 15.5 million rubles.

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko pleads not guilty and explains the persecution for political reasons. In particular, in retaliation for participation in the 2008 parliamentary elections. The businessman was sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property for the theft of company property.



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