Apocalypse 2012. When judgment day comes?

April 18, 2012 10:10

It would seem, nothing serious. Ancient peoples, stone slabs, somehow break off calendars — it's all so far away. You could just send the found in the ruined city Mayan artifact in a museum — and forget. But for some reason now, as if on purpose, in anticipation of that same date intensified natural disasters — earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions long dormant volcanoes, — the number of man-made disasters are incredible things to which we are not ready — freezing rain, cold southern Sea, inexplicable behavior of birds and fish. What's going on?

The worst thing is that all the prophets and prophecy — from the distant past, from St. John to Vanga — like talking about the same thing, of our time … all the same. Is the final is really close? Is running a countdown? Or did we have to deal with an unprecedented mass hysteria that suddenly, on someone's will, seized the whole world?

We try to understand. In disasters, unexplained phenomena and prophecies. And the Mayan calendar — which meant the priests of ancient Indian tribe? What is going to prevent the descendants? Why so suddenly cut short record, plan for the more than five thousand years? ..

And at the same time and try to understand that we still can still have time before the fateful date, until the last day, if he is destined to one day come.

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