Archaeologists unraveling the mystery of symbols found in Sochi

November 9, 2011 8:38

In the forest zone of the Olympic construction discovered stele with ancient inscriptions and symbols.

Specialists have found that it is not mischief bullies, and the real historical value.

Each stele photographed, now researchers are translating. They managed to establish that the messages are written in ancient Greek language and relate to early Christianity. According to the first version, one of the phrases from the story of something wandering or floating — painted near the boat and fish. What does the other text and images, scientists have yet to figure out.

During the inspection of the territories in the area of Olympic construction team of archaeologists discovered the Krasnodar Territory stelae with Greek inscriptions and symbols of Christianity in the area Akhshtyr.

Place fixed, but really has not been studied. Of the inscriptions read and translated the only one that means something like "floating, wandering", and characters — the boat and fish. As you know the fish — a symbol of the early Christians. Information and photos threw Kondryakov Nikita Vladimirovich, who works in the area and working with this group.

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