Area of forest fires in Siberia has increased to 17.2 thousand hectares

Forest conservation service in Siberia for the past day eliminated the 58 forest fires in the area of nearly 3000 hectares, but because of the emergence of new centers and growth of previously existing total area increased from 15.1 thousand to 17.2 thousand hectares, said on Thursday the county Department of Forestry economy.

"The Siberian Federal District operates 110 forest fires in the area of 17.187 thousand hectares," — said in a release.

According to the agency, the main cause of forest fires — selhozpaly, dry thunderstorms, careless handling of fire.

The most difficult situation is still in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Given that over the past day by forest guards managed to eliminate 34 forest fires in the area of 2.64 thousand hectares, currently in the region were 75 lesions on the total area of 9.466 hectares, in which eight largest in the area of 5.25 thousand hectares . According to the department, 90% of forest fires in difficult terrain acts. The reason for their occurrence were dry thunderstorms.

On fighting forest fires in the province in 1292 involved a man 144 units of fire equipment, 23 air cushion. This including 182 employees of the Federal Reserve FBU "Avialesookhrana" who came to the region at the request of the regional authorities.

Can not stabilize the situation in the Tomsk region. Here on Thursday morning reported 18 forest fires in the area of 7.338 thousand hectares, including the ten largest in the area of 6.72 hectares. Working on putting 301 people, 61 units of fire equipment, six aircraft.

In the Republic of Tuva are nine fires in the area of 207 hectares. As noted by the Office, the forest fire situation in the region is under control, there is no threat to human settlements.

Another eight of fires recorded in the Irkutsk region in the area 175 hectares.

According to the department, threatening human settlements and economic facilities in the area do not.

In order to stabilize the forest fire situation in emergency mode now operates throughout the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Tuva, Tomsk region, in one area of the Irkutsk region.

Special fire mode (restriction on visiting forests) is introduced in the entire territory of the Novosibirsk region and the Republic of Altai, in the four districts of the Republic of Buryatia, in 14 districts of the Irkutsk region, in five areas of the Trans-Baikal region, in one area of the Omsk region.

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