Around the World in 6 hours: transport of the future

April 20, 2012 16:22

In the near future to replace the planes and trains come vacuum transport pipe (Evacuated Tube Transport — ETT), that are safer, cheaper and quieter than their predecessors, according to developers.

Around the World in 6 hours: transport of the future

Rapid transit system of the future is being developed by Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3).

Its owner, the inventor of Florida Daryl Oster, in the early nineties, the name and came up with the concept of this technology, and in 1997 he even received a patent on it.

According to Oster, moving through the vacuum tube, six-capsule weighing only 183 kg can achieve phenomenal speed — 6500 km / h, using a lot less energy than the traditional means of transport. According to him, it will allow passengers to get from New York to Los Angeles in just 45 minutes from New York to Beijing — for 2 hours, and travel around the world to carry out in just 6 hours.

In addition, it is assumed that in addition to public transport, the system will work and personal travel speed (Personal Rapid Transit), which is analogous to a private car. To do this, set up a small capsule the size of a car. ETT developers claim that the construction of this "highway" will be only 1/4 the cost of roads or 1/10 the cost of high-speed railways.

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