As there was who to vote for, and nyama

Woman: "Of course, this company is different: too early to call an election. They had to be held next year in the spring, so that other candidates had the opportunity to prepare for them, so that people hear about them."

Her husband: "In fact, we only know that the December 19 election, and that's it …".

Man: "Nothing it does not differ, the same that was …".

Woman: "Different. These applicants I still have not seen in person, really. Never been to the presidency was a nurse. Yes, generally there are so many candidates have never been."

Man: "It features: more candidates and they are free to collect signatures, even into my apartment went quietly told everything, and no one is afraid of nothing. Previously so do not go from door to door."

Man: "No different. Again, no ads, no information in the media. And how to solve this problem? Main thing is to have transparent elections.'s Nekljaev offers to deliver transparent ballot boxes for all to see. Multitude, more than 60%, no one but Lukashenko does not know. "

Woman: "I think the information is not as it was, and no, nothing has changed.'s Come to collect the remaining signatures — too little information. Nowhere did not write and do not show — everything still."

Man: "Basically, this company is no different from the previous ones, for the simple reason that worthy candidates for the president of our dear Belarus is not, as always. Whom to choose who? Them to the presidential campaign was neither seen nor heard, that's what -there wrote the independent press. But what good they have done for Belarus? That 's my idea. "

Mr."I do not care for Lukashenko because he's my brother.'s Good that he had the sense not to ruin the collective."

Woman: "Probably this year more candidates for the presidency."

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