As there will be something extraordinary — the leader on the TV is not

Our society listener called on "Freedom" by looking on the television scene of an explosion at a furniture factory "Pinsk Wood", in which two were killed on the spot, 19 people were taken to hospital. At night, died in hospital another injured.

"I looked a few minutes our Belarusian TV about the events on the" Pinskdrev. "He wanted to see our" leader. "Since then our leader on television does not get out. Like something extraordinary happens, there is no leader. A I wanted to to hear? Perhaps, then, as in Russia. Two families of these victims — by 100 million, well, the rest of that in intensive care — 50 million on cosmetic surgery. How that since our leader is very smart, but as something happens — is silent. "

Co-Chair of the BCD Paul Seviarynets call the listener comment:

Paul Seviarynets

"The attitude around the Lukashenko regime and to questionthe man For all the rhetoric that pours from the screen, clearly demonstrates this opportunity here — an explosion at a factory of Pinsk.

Lukashenko is now busy with other things. For any other president it would be the number one topic: Must visit, be sure to allocate funds for those affected.

Blame the government here. Worn-out equipment, antiquated production — for it should be held personally responsible head of state and eliminate the consequences under its own control.

No. Tight control over the actions of the opposition, a free press, over the Internet, show. A real case, we see that the regime is powerless and leaves man alone with their problems. "

Our students are interested in how to become election observers from the opposition. Here is one of those calls:

"How to negotiate to get a license from the observer of the opposition to the so-called elections in 2010?"

This question is answered Head of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Sergei Kalyakin:

Sergei Kalyakin

"In order to become an observer or a member of the election commission, you need to turn to those of democratic political parties and movements that are in your area and they will prompt, what you need to make.

If this is not possible, then you can contact the coordinators in the regions. The easiest option — to call the number 292-25-73. You will get to see me in our office and you will prompt what you need to do.

If you have the opportunity to use the Internet, then go to the portal There's our page "For Fair Elections" and there may be in the mode of on-line and fill out a form to report you want to be an observer or a member of the Electoral Commission. "

Our listener responded to the original call another listener over whiteRussian language.

"On the Radio Free call from a woman who said that the Belarusian language can not feed.'s All communist discourse. In the Gospel of John it is written:" First there was the word. "So at first it was all the same word."

You are listening to "Call to Freedom." Let me remind you that the phone of Liberty in Minsk — 266-39-52, running 24 hours a day. Call! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for responses to job Radio Liberty. "

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