Assault awareness. Soul of a legacy

September 1, 2012 8:52

In early 2012 a group of American psychologists began to explore the state of the elderly patients who undergo transplantation of donor organs, the observations have been incredible. It turned out that if the heart of the young donor transplanted into an old body, his vital signs and the patient will increase significantly pochuvtvuet so much younger. But the most surprising discovery awaited scientists later, they noticed that after transplantation in some patients, the types and even in appearance. Trying to solve this problem, researchers have put forward the sensational hypothesis that if along with a new body and the person receives the souls of the donor? Where is the soul? Did our ancestors have the answers to these questions?

Could they trace the path of the soul and the afterlife to understand what kind of body it finds its continuation? And if so, in what book recorded their knowledge? And what if the key to immortality for mankind lies in the very heart? How to change the world, if it becomes clear that the body does not really have any value?

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