Astrology on the end of the world



At the time, many are preparing for the expected end of the world, Tallinn astrologer Olga Potemkin says nothing special on this day, December 21, will not happen.

Astrologers present time characterized as a period of transition, when the star is changing timing, that is, the earth's axis moves from Pisces into Aquarius. Age of Pisces was associated with religious wars, totalitarianism and spiritual stagnation lasted for about 2160 years and ended in 2003. Aquarian Age — the era of knowledge, bearing change outlook of mankind.

"The closer December — confirms astrologer Olga Potemkin — the more and more often we hear arguments about how we all go together to the other world, and this time quite seriously."

According to her, the moment of singularity and its difference from other previously known, is what will happen rare parade of planets, this astronomical phenomenon, in which a certain number of planets in the solar system are aligned.

Most notably this parade of planets that will line up in one line and the other planets and planetary systems, visible from Earth. It is clear that from the point of view of the state of the solar system itself is no parade of planets do not. And astrologer verdict, not to be questioned: the day of December 21, 2012 is no different from many past and future.

"Horoscope of the day shows not only the sequence of events associated with the life of people
but can give an idea about the weather, as well as what is happening to the land, its subsoil, water and nature — explains Potemkin. — So, Pluto in Capricorn in the intense interaction with Uranus in Aries can cause volcanic eruptions, droughts, fires and dry thunderstorms. This aspect affects the Earth since March of this year, and its effect will last for several years. These aspects are called aspects generations, since under their influence is born and grows up a whole generation of children. "

Says astrologer, this aspect of the interaction with other planets, such as Mars or Saturn, may cause environmental and geological disasters. Another thing that can affect the planet — it's intense interaction with Saturn in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces, which can cause storms, cold winter, early spring ice and flooding.

Serious astronomers laugh when they hear about the parade of planets, scheduled for December 21. In ancient times, when compiled calendars, people knew very little about the cosmos, such as the Maya were familiar with only six planets. Since that time, centuries have passed, the man opened the new ones.

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