At Japanese nuclear radiation leak

Salvage NPP "Fukushima" in Japan could leak radiation. This was reported in the Tokyo Electric Power Company, "Tokyo Electric Power Company." According to the Agency's nuclear and industrial safety, radiation level at one of the nuclear reactors, "Fukushima" to 1000 times higher than normal.

According to ITAR-TASS, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who flew today in the disaster-affected areas, announced the evacuation of residents whose homes are located within a radius of 10 km from the nuclear power plant emergency because of the threat of radiation contamination. On Friday, authorities announced the evacuation of the population in the three-kilometer zone from the "Fukushima".
Earlier, the Japanese government wanted to release "slightly radioactive" vapor from the NPP "Fukushima", where, after a powerful earthquake has malfunctioned cooling system to stop the increase in pressure, which is celebrated in one of its reactors.
An earthquake measuring 8.8, recognized by the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the worst in the history of weather observations, and the ensuing tsunami caused many damages on. The authorities have so far confirmed the death of 151 people, 547 are reported missing.


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Scientist: The situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan threatens to turn into a nightmare

Nuclear physicist from Britain Walt Patterson said Friday that the plant "Fukushima", most likely, a serious problem that must be repaired as soon as possible.

If it is not resolved in the next few hours, the case will result in serious, "- he said in an interview with the BBC.

Patterson says, "if the damaged cores, the fuel rods could become hot and melt, and this is the worst nightmare for any nuclear scientist", reports "Interfax".

According to the newspaper VIEW, Japanese energy previously announced increase in radiation levels in the building nuclear power plant in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima.

This post was made against the background of the Japanese Government, and was assured that the local staff were able to take control of the situation at the plant, where they could be damaged cooling stops.

U.S. nuclear power plants were transferred to the coolant at its military aircraft.

Previously been extinguished the fire, which occurred at the plant "Oganava."

The work of most of the Japanese nuclear power plant shut down. Only in the Tokyo area stopped working five nuclear power plants.

According Rosgitrmettsentra, radioactive leaks from Japanese nuclear power plants as a result of accidents happened.

According to the IAEA, on the earthquake and tsunami the Japanese island of Honshu area currently dominated by westerly winds, which is the optimal weather conditions, as in the case of release of radioactivity would prevent wind creeping radioactive cloud on the Japanese coast and inland.

On Friday, Japan was the strongest in the country's history an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 has shifted the Earth's axis by 10 cm was followed by a tsunami. According to the latest official reports, 137 people were killed, 544 injured, 345 missing. According to Japanese media, the total number of victims may exceed one thousand.

Radiation levels at Japanese nuclear power plant has exceeded the rate of a thousand times
Radiation levels at one of the nuclear reactors, "Fukushima" in Japan exceeded the norm by a thousand times. On this Saturday, March 12, the news agency "Kyodo" referring to the agency's nuclear and industrial safety.
At the same time, the level of radiation on the outer boundary of the territory of the plant exceeded the norm of eight. Increasing the level of radiation was due to the shutdown cooling system inside the plant, caused by a powerful earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Meanwhile, the public broadcaster NHK citing radiation protection services reported that the health risks of living near nuclear power plants do not.

However, Prime Minister Naoto Kan ordered the evacuation of all people living within a 10-kilometer zone around the plant.

Secretary General of the Government Yukio Edano said earlier that the radiation leak at the plant did not happen.

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