At nuclear power plants in Pakistan, there was a failure

At nuclear power plants in Pakistan accidentDue to a leak of radioactive water at the plant near the city of Karachi was declared a state of emergency.

On Tuesday, October 18, late at night at a nuclear power KANUPP, located 30 miles from the Pakistani metropolis of Karachi, there was a leak of "heavy" water from the inlet pipe loop reactor.

Because of the accident at the plant for 7 hours worked state of emergency (PC), said on Thursday the official sources. Told journalists management representative NPP Tariq Rashid, The incident occurred at a time when the station is maintenance work, which began in early October. After a leak is detected at the plant was immediately declared a disaster mode, and zone leak heavily insulated.

Now fault is eliminated, "the situation is fully under control, no information about the destruction of radiation or not," he said. Rashid says, we can expect that nuclear plant will resume within the next month.

Pakistan's first nuclear power plant KANUPP (Karachi Nuclear Power Plant), designed and built under the direction of Canadian experts, was launched in November 1972 and has one reactor of 137 megawatts.

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