At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the United States, found underwater Washington Monument?

January 8, 2013 1:32

Armed with patience and a program GOOGLE EARTH6, Frank Martin Salish (FM Salichs) found interesting objects on the seabed.

Besides the pyramids, Frank identified obelisk resembling the famous Washington Monument, but exceeds the size of religious buildings of the U.S. capital (height Washington Monument is 169 feet). The rounded shape and some details of the base indicate that the needle may be artificial.

"In the study of the oceans with GOOGLE EARTH6 I found the 640-foot obelisk in the form of a tower. It is located about 120 ml of the coast of New Jersey. Being on a very large plane, with no other nearby structures within a mile, building higher than the Washington Monument, which has a height of 555.5 feet.

Photo: Obelisk on the seabed by FM Salichs
Photo: Base of the Obelisk by FM Salichs

Photo: 6 points "cathedral" pyramid by FM Salichs

On the east side of the base can be seen clearly square regions with very long, straight lines and right angles, leaving from fundameta. The lower eastern part of the base has a large circular hole, it seems that it has been hollowed.

The tower has a cylindrical shape and is just as high mahogany, with a narrow peak. 10 km to the east of the obelisk is 3 pyramids and 14 km to the west near the continental shelf are dozens and dozens of pyramids.

They are highly visible and easy to identify satellite images GOOGLE EARTH6. I'm currently working on a large video and pictures of these places and soon present them for viewing. In the meantime, I want to acquaint you with the details of the obelisk. Watch the video. "… Frank Martin Salichs, December 25, 2012.

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