Atlantis is no more

February 7, 2012 19:02

People believe that Plato did not invent Atlantis

Let me remind you of Atlantis supposedly sunk about 12 thousand years ago, discovered in 2009, an Englishman — a specialist in aerial photography of the seabed Bernie Bamford (Bernie Bamford). Specialist saw something strange in one of the pictures the Atlantic, which are then made available through the service Google Ocean. There, at the bottom at a depth of about 5 kilometers visible rectangle, consisting of a grid of intersecting lines. Which is very similar to the city streets. A very big city — an area about half the Moscow region. What is not Atlantis?

Bernie said and coordinates. The suspect is a place to "address": 31 degrees 15 minutes 15 seconds north latitude and 24 degrees 15 minutes 15 seconds west longitude.

— Fascinating! — Said of "discovery" a prominent archaeologist and specialist in search of Atlantis, Dr. Charles Orser (Dr Charles Orser) from New York State University (New York State University). This is roughly the area pointed to by Plato. We must look at it in more detail.

And Plato in his famous dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias" pointed right on the Atlantic Ocean, claiming that Atlantis was located beyond the Pillars of Hercules. That is, for the Strait of Gibraltar.

Of the territory, found Bernie, about a thousand kilometers to the Canary Islands. And close to the array of underwater mountains. And Plato and told about mountains.

However, on the main floor is not visible — the ring of canals, which, according to the dialogues were in Atlantis. Show through some boxes.

And after three years to Atlantis Bernie nobody looked. In that sense, the expedition there was never armed. A Google peered own way — put the line. Not to confuse users.

Strange lines on the ocean floor, found in 2009

Doctored image — without the lines

Amending, service, in fact, listened to the arguments of skeptics, who urged: lines are not there. Like, they are virtual. Applied solely to the image to show the direction of sonar — devices that are used to study the bottom relief.

Enthusiasts objected. Pointed to the gaps in the lines, which have no explanation. Wonder why they — the line — "applied" only in one area.

According to the Google, corrections were made by the new data obtained from the American oceanographers — Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Navy, NGA and GEBCO. Experts assure that the service supplied the most accurate to date images of the ocean floor.

Atlantis three years was next to the Canary Islands

However, if you look to the modernized image of the suspicious area, we can see that the "ruins" did not disappear without a trace. Some lines still show through. Maybe they really exist?

By the way, in the 70's and 80's of the last century, and Atlantis was the Soviet oceanographers. But little else — about 500 kilometers west of the Straits of Gibraltar. There, in Ampere Seamount during expeditions to the ship "Academician Petrovsky" and "Akademik Kurchatov" were found strange vertical structure, similar to the ancient city walls. They were of a light layer of sand. And also arranged at right angles. Moreover sutures were divided into small blocks.

Say what you skeptics, the myth of Atlantis is not istribim. It will look for a long time

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