Autoframos began production of Renault Duster

Moscow factory "Avtoframos" began mass production of the new crossover Renault Duster. The Russian car market is available in versions 4×4 and 4×2, with a gasoline or diesel engine and an automatic or manual transmission on the buyer's choice. The cost of Renault Duster in Russia range from 449,000 rubles for the base version of the car.

Renault is fully adapted the car to the Russian climate and road conditions, increasing the area of cleaning the windshield, installing special modes of heating the cabin, as well as adapting all the technical fluids and devices that affect the car's performance at low temperatures.

Currently, the Renault plant in Russia at the same time made 5 models: Logan, Sandero, Fluence, Megan hatchback and Duster. For this investment will make Renault's production in 2011 and 2012. more than 100 million euros. Like other models of Renault, produced in Russia, Renault Duster has a high percentage of localization. To date, this index is 50%, and by 2013 it is expected to reach 74%.

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