Automated plant for the production of sawn timber was opened in the Vologda region

Currently, in the Vologda region implemented 18 priority investment projects in the area of forest.

One of them, involving the creation of three new sites for wood processing and the creation of forest infrastructure, the company is implementing "Vologdaleskhoz." As part of the investment at the plant wildlife of the Vologda region has already been put into operation a plant for growing seedlings with closed root system, which will allow more high-quality seedlings with improved genetic properties in the amount of 1 million seedlings a year.

March 6 Syamzhensky area open sawing shop of "Vologdaleskhoz." Capacity of the plant will produce up to 40,000 square meters of lumber and up to 12,000 square meters of production of export quality.  

The work has just given site will provide budgetary effect in the amount of more than 135 million rubles, including 8.5 million in the regional and local budgets. In addition, this would create 37 new jobs.

"This is a completely closed cycle from logging to the production of modern timber in export packing, — said the governor of the Vologda region, Oleg Kuvshinnikov. — This is a real diversification of the economy of our region. Task we set ourselves today, timber merchants, is that all wood , which is harvested in the Vologda region has here and processed. "

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