Automatic Ihtiandra

 In Tula created a weapon that can shoot under water and on land

Reservation — the first show was held on this machine Mezhdunnarodnom naval show in St. Petersburg, just a couple of weeks ago. In this material — a little analysis that created the Tula.

 Weapons for combat swimmers have started as soon as the military navies of the world appeared underwater saboteurs, that is, during and after the Second World War. However, to create a full-fledged machine guns and pistols that can shoot underwater, able only to the USSR.

Almost half a century ago there were special units of the Navy Intelligence 4.5-mm pistol SPP-1 and APS-caliber machine gun 5.66 mm. They shot arrows. Under the water were effective, but on the land — no. Strike the enemy, coming to the surface, of course, it was possible. But only at close range. At the distance of 50 meters has no iron sights were not, and killing power dropped dramatically. Vitality underwater machine in the air did not exceed 180 shots.

No one in the world is not able to repeat our technology to create an automatic underwater weapons. However frogmen had, going on missions to bring two pistols and machine: as underwater MTA and SPP-1, and conventional AC and PM. It was uncomfortable. But a weapon, firing equally well in two environments, it seemed impossible in principle.

Unsolvable problem was solved Tula gunsmiths. The idea and came up with the overall design of the late eminent small arms designer Vasily dirt. Embodied in the metal machine has its followers and disciples, who worked at the Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms, which is a famous for its guided missiles and quick-firing gun Instrument Design Bureau. (For those who do not know the KBP Tula is not engaged in instrument making, as it was called in the Soviet times to confuse spies. Here forge weapons, including small arms.)

The unique underwater cartridge with dimensions of regular automata ammunition have also created TsKIB COO. In 2007, Thule was finalized 5.45mm machine two secondary (working in two environments) of the special, which received an abbreviation of the name of ADS. It does not name a specific designer, as he worked on a large group of new weapons. Beautiful, can not sound. But shoots!

Underwater fire ammunition is 5.45 × 39-mm. On the air — the classic cartridges of the same caliber 5.45 x 39 mm. You just have to change the shop, filled cartridges for underwater shooting, a new, in which conventional ammunition for the standard "Kalashnikov". And DT has a grenade launcher 40mm VOG-25 and VOG-25P. The kit can include a tactical silencer and various sights.

In the machine includes many know-how, which looked at the domestic weapons even unusual. Only one scheme "bullpup" what it takes. This is when the pistol grip with a trigger in the front of the store with bullets, and the moving parts are placed in the butt. This arrangement makes it possible, while maintaining a large barrel length significantly reduce the size of the machine. It is not the usual ADS stock. As it rests on the shoulder piece, called "recoil pad."

The nation's first ejection of spent cartridges used sideways, forward and in a closed box, which reduced the gas content of a person shooter, and made it possible to fire from the right and the left shoulder without reinstalling parts, that is automatic and is equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers.

In ADS widely used composite materials, will reduce the weight of arms and at the same time improve the corrosion resistance.

The design of gas operated devices introduced gas regulator that provides easy switching gas regimes "water-to-air."

For the first time in the world had made sure that the machine shoots equally well under water and on land. At the same time he is in no way inferior to the AK-type machines of the latest models, with smaller dimensions.

In the modern history of Russia created a really revolutionary in design machine, unique in the West and East of the country do not. ADS was created to combat swimmers. But because its design was successful and versatile, it can be adopted for not only marine special forces, but also the entire GRU, Marine Corps and Army units.

Automatic passed a full cycle of military trials and has received positive reviews. Now he is in trial operation. The decision to adopt it for service may be made in the near future.

TTX machine ADS

Weight with a grenade launcher — 4.6 kg;

Length — 685 mm;

5,45 x39 mm: PSP-UD — for underwater shooting, 7N6 — for shooting in the air;

Rate of fire — 800 rounds / min;

Effective range on land — 500 m

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