Automation in the First Form has become easier

Smart-rules allow you to perform actions, and to change any of the parameters of documents and tasks on a schedule or upon the occurrence of specified conditions. The management interface smart-rules being simple and adapted to the logic of business process management, which allows even inexperienced users to quickly learn the rules of the establishment in the style of "if — then" without, at the same time, to programming.

"The first form" — a system for managing business processes, focused on maximum simplicity in refining the client's needs, "- said the commercial director of" first form "Alexander Kulibaba. — "In the development of the system we are consistently following the path of simplicity in the system design tools business process and document management. And if the other systems to create rules for the processing of information necessary to create scripts, or even a full-fledged programming, in our system, to create a smart-rules require only minimal training. "


About "First Form":

"The first form" — an integrated business management system that allows you to create a complete picture of the company in real time. "The first form" helps to control the execution of instructions and tasks, and provides electronic document management and unified communication for employees, in general, greatly facilitating the management of the business at all levels of governance.

The company "First Form" was founded in 2002 by a group of Russian advisers in finance and business process management. The key product of the same name is a complex system of automation and centralized control efficiency based on a field control problems. "The first form" has more than 150 successful implementations at companies various business sectors. Among the clients: Bosco di Ciliegi, Pharmstandart, Sbarro, "Third Rome" and other companies. 

"The first form" is a partner company «CSC Group", specializing in audit, as well as financial and management consulting.

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