Autopark Astrakhan added 17 new units of special purpose vehicles

Carport Astrakhan branch of JSC "IDGC of the South" added 17 units of the new vehicles, completely ready to enter the line: the vehicle has passed state registration and inspection, drivers get the right to drive vehicles.

All new vehicles — brigade vehicles, crane-drilling rigs and mobile safety cabinet, equipped with satellite monitoring system and allow you to meet the challenges of transport logistics, providing managers to effectively manage the fleet in operation online.
Motor vehicles, including cars of domestic and foreign manufacturers, will be directed to linear segments to strengthen their financial base and increase the mobility of units at the time of the repair work in the Astrakhan region.
Brigadier car based on the car "UAZ", for example, are indispensable for long-term maintenance of exit or installation work in rural areas. The car of this brand provides a comfortable environment for the work crew, and in the winter cold — periodic rest in a warm room.

Cars are equipped with self-contained generator to power household appliances, power tools, various test equipment. Brigade vehicles made on the basis of "Nissan" acquired IDGC of the South to Astrakhan power engineers will operate this form of transport in urban settings — on high-speed highways. The vehicles will be used for the operation of operational and outreach department "Astrakhan electrical networks" in the regional center — the city of Astrakhan.
In order to optimize the number and the renewal of the machinery, as well as improve the efficiency of its use in "IDGC of the South" was developed and approved targeted multi-year renovation program of special vehicles. This allows you to replace inefficient, outdated equipment and significantly reduce the cost of maintenance.
Total on balance the branches of "IDGC of the South" is more than three million units of special purpose vehicles. Among them special terrain vehicles, multipurpose vehicles, flail mowers for clearing routes of overhead lines from trees and shrubs, as well as linear brigade vehicles, oporovozy, crane-drilling machines.
In 2013, IDGC of the South will continue to update its fleet, planning to buy for its branches more than 100 new cars and special vehicles.

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