Aviakorporatsiya Ruby has opened a new production of carbon brake discs

October 3 on the territory of "Aviation Corporation" Ruby "(Balashikha, Moscow region). Opened a new production of carbon brake discs for brake systems for aircraft and other modes of transport.

The new equipment reduces cycle production of brake discs up to three months, and the new technology saves pounds aircraft. Carbon brakes are four times lighter and sintered in the same durable. 

Aviation Corporation "Ruby" was created in 1946 to develop products aircraft landing gear, brake and hydraulic systems and their components. The key activities of the corporation are the development, analysis, modeling, testing, production and maintenance of landing gear, hydraulic units and hydraulic systems, drive generators, constant speed and carbon friction materials, which are considered the most promising for the braking devices of modern aircraft.

The high specific heat capacity, low specific weight, high and stable friction coefficient makes these materials particularly attractive for both civilian and for military aircraft.

With many years of operating experience of carbon materials in aircraft brakes previous developments AK "Ruby" made radical changes in technology and the properties of this class of composites. The result is a new generation of materials that are not inferior to the characteristics best foreign analogues. These materials have the necessary amount of certification tests and successfully used in the landing gear of aircraft Tu-160, Tu-204, Tu-214, Tu-334, AN-124, AN-148, Yak-130. They can also be used in brakes and clutches sports and heavy-duty trucks, sport bikes, high-speed trains and other machinery.

Used on the newly created production technologies based on new technical solutions.

Among the principal features of these technologies include: aerodynamic shaping of blanks, ensuring uniform mixing of discrete fibers with a powder pitch and directed the formation of the fibrous skeleton of which rely heavily on mechanical, friction and thermal properties of materials, conducting liquid phase impregnation preparations pitch and carbonized at high hydrostatic pressure, which allows high density values final materials (1850 — 1900 kg/m3), inaccessible to peers, other sealing methods.

High energy density promotes brakes and oxidative stability, strength and wear resistance produced AK "Ruby" materials Termar-ADP stability of friction characteristics and thus, — increasing the reliability and life of brake discs, reduce aircraft down time, reduce the cost of replacing and brake repair. The ability to use a readily available and inexpensive domestic and foreign raw materials, widely used in other industries, the short production cycle and the relatively low cost of manufactured discs — all the advantages of the new technology.

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