Aviaremont 2012

Most of the enterprises engaged in repairing, has published annual financial statements for the past year. An overview of the activities of the industry based on them. Let's start with the data on the activities of subsidiaries and affiliates of "Aviaremont" last year.

150 Aircraft Repair Plant, located in the Kaliningrad region gave the Russian Defense Ministry in 2012, six helicopters and one airplane. It should be noted that all helicopters (two Ka-27 and four MI-24) were put on the state defense order of the past, in 2011. And in the only surrendered Tu-22M3 second phase overhaul was supposed to be finished two years earlier — in 2010. The three-year contract, signed on repairing long-range bombers in January 2008 has finally been executed (the problems of execution of this agreement by written previously inLearn).

Tu-22M3 at the airport Ahtubinsk after repair


State defense order in 2012 planned maintenance at the plant 15 helicopters. Defense Department should have been delivered five Ka-27, Mi-24, seven and three Mi-8. In fact, none of them delivered in time was not. The main reasons for non-defense contracts in 2011 attributed admission to repair aircraft, manned and neukomlektovannoy not repairable and worn-out units and aggregates. Unenforced and the contract was with "repairing" a maintenance of naval aviation helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-29, according to the terms of which were to be held on 35 machines. Despite this, there has been an increase in the volume of work on defense contracts, since the year before the Defense Ministry received 150 ARZ only two Mi-8. In monetary terms, revenues increased enterprise for defense contracts almost four-fold — from 62 to 238 million rubles


One of the renovated Ka-27 Aviation of the Baltic Fleet at the airport Don

Photo: avsim.su

At the same time, significantly decreased the volume of repair aircraft for other customers. In the past year was given a major overhaul of four Mi-24 helicopters in the military-technical cooperation. A year earlier, foreign customers have received six Mi-14 and four Mi-24, Mi-25, three and two Ka-28, and the domestic civil aviation — a Mi-8 helicopter.
Located in the village. Gorelovo 419 ARZ 42 helicopters carried out repair work. Defense Ministry received 39 of them — 15-Th Mi-8, Mi 20-Th-24, four Ka-27a year earliermilitary department of repairs at the plant was transferred to the half of helicopters — only 19 mb.

The Ka-28 naval aviation Mosrkoy Russia Voronezh at the airport on a flight from the ARP to the place of permanent basing
Photo: aviaforum.ru

There have also been handed two Mi-24 for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (in 2011 — six) and one Mi-8 Civil Aviation (previous year — three). For the first time in the last few years did not spend 419 ARZ repair services for foreign customers, while at the same time the year before it was commissioned eight Mi-24 helicopters for Sudan. In addition, in October 2012, was contracted to repair one of the Ka-27 aircraft of the FSB.

One of refurbished Mi-24 aircraft at the airport Rostov MIA
Photo: russianplanes.net

The volumes of the repaired aircraft for defense contracts and Chita 810 aircraft repair plant. Last year the Russian Air Force received 10 helicopters Mi-8 and seven — the Mi-24. In the previous year the number was 2 and 9, respectively. Also was finished repairing the Peruvian aircraft under contract with Rosoboronexport from September 2010 providing for repair of six Mi-25 and two Mi-17. Despite the smaller number in comparison with the volume on defense contracts for their repair company received a large sum — 717 million rubles. against 494 million rubles. by SDO.

One of the Mi-24 Air Force Peru while towing the 810 aircraft repair plant at the airport Chita (Kadan) for passing yatamozhennyh procedures and loading into a transport plane

Photo: russianplanes.net

Traditionally ARZ 356 of Engels detailed data about their work does not publish. Frommaterialspublic procurement Web site knows that in the last year now has been renovated only helicopter Mi-8 aircraft of FSB with serial number 95942. JSC "Aviaremont" concluded Statecontractthe overhaul of two Mi-8 MTV-2 aircraft interior troops. Was the direct executor of 356 ARZ.

The Mi-8 MTV-2 aircraft after repairs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs 356 ARZ
Photo: aviaforum.ru

20 Aircraft Repair Plant of Pushkin in the state defense order repair of the 11-planes. Defense has received seven Su-27 instead of 11-minute, and handed outfive were out of debt by the GOZ-2011. Spotterskih of images is known that at least three of them were versions of the Su-27P aircraft (with the number of RF-92367 received training in Kuschevskaya air bases, the second with the number of RF-92221 was handed over to the airfield Ahtubinsk chief flight test center of the Air Force, another RF-92426 entered the order Khotilovo air group). Otkapitalennye "Sparky" were transferred to the Lipetsk aviatsentr (RF-92198) and the "Russian Knights" (hull number 20). Unclear is the fate of the well-known enough doubles with number RF-92431, painted in gray livery. According to some reports, it has not been transferred to the customer until now.

Only the Su-27UB in a new gray livery, painted it after repairs at ARZ 20
Photo: russianplanes.net

Of the planes of the IL-18 was delivered to the customer one Il-20RT Northern Fleet with serial number 173011503, who flew to repair the registration RA-75478 and change it to RF-75344.

Il-20RT, transmitted Northern Fleet Air Force in October 2012 after repairs to the RHA in Pushkin
Photo: russianplanes.net

Not promptly repaired three Il-22M11 (according to the sites of aviation photography aircraft is raised after long storage — RA-75909 of Ahtubinska, RA-75898 and RA-75927 of Levashovo), one IL-18 and IL-20. Judging by photographs, IL-18 with a number RF-75478 (to repair flown with the prefix RA) was given the Air Force in March of this year.

IL-18 has bee
n handed over by the SDO-2012already this year
Photo: russianplanes.net

At the end of the year unenforced full SDO remains and other types of aircraft undergoing repairs at ARZ 20, so it was refurbished three Su-24MR, instead of four, none of the three Su-24M by GOZ-2012 was not deposited. The main reasons for failure of performance of the SDO called late delivery of aircraft maintenance, delays in preparation of documents for supply in repairs, delays in the manufacture of parts for the execution of service bulletins from the KNAAPO them. Gagarin. Problems with the performance of defense contracts have arisen and 275 ARZ from Krasnodar. For 2011-2013, this company signed a contract with "repairing" in March 2011 by its terms in 2012, was to be performed works by more than 1.5 mldr. rub. These include repair of the 20 L-39 (including ten with delivery in 2013), 12 Mig-29 (UB) and three Su-27 (UB). The contract was executed by only half, produced to the 751 million rubles. because of delays in the delivery of parts to carry out newsletters and spare parts from suppliers, including the named RSK MiG and Czech Aircraft Industries.
Unlike these companies, all contracts for the state defense order 514 aircraft repair plant of Rzhev in the past year have been met, according to the report, in its entirety. The Russian Air Force received from repair three Mig-31 and ten aircraft of the Su-24M/MR, the cost of work performed was more than 693 million rubles. The share of defense contracts accounted for 45%, the remaining amount of proceeds received on repair of weapons and military equipment under direct contracts appear to have in mind the work for foreign customers. Like a year ago, is the situation on the transfer of works to upgrade the Su-24M bombers to the level of the Su-24M2 and MiG-31 to MiG-31BM with NAPO. Chkalov and NAZ "Sokol" ARZ 514, which has been widely reported in the press.
Unfortunately, a number of statements of subsidiaries are "repairing" contains only the financial performance of the companies without actual production. So, 123 Aircraft Repair Plant of Staraya Russa received revenues of 3.3 mldr. rub., including for work performed on aircraft repair — nearly 2.8 mldr. rub. According spotterskih shots at least 12 Il-76MD military aircraft Russia underwent repairs in 2012 at the plant. From the registergovernment contractsknown about the delivery in 2012 of one aircraft Aviation Ministry with the serial number 74-02 (RA-76803) from the contract price of 105 million rubles. and one Il-76TD aircraft FSB with serial number 1023411370 (RF-76326) with a price of 142 million rubles. The cost of repairing aircraft for export amounted to 237.8 million rubles. (Excluding VAT). Also, the plant is undergoing renovations IL-76 were noted in the number of surrendered IL-76 Indian Air Force with the number K2902 and Algerian 7T-WIT.

The only Il-76MD in the Russian Air Force, received registration marks a new sample after overhaul
Photo: russianplanes.net 

360 ARZ from Ryazan had revenue of 1.5 mldr. rubles, including repair services on SDO — 1.37 mldr. rub. Spotterskih of data known about the delivery of the overhaul of the IL-78M with serial number 0093491758, which received registration RF-94283, at least two Il-76MD (RA-76746 and RA-76776), and the Algerian Il-78 7T-WIH . Information about this company repaired range aircraft Tu-22M3 and Tu-95MS has been found. According to the registercontractsthe plant was repaired Il-76MDK RF-75353 (zav.1013495871) for 150 million rubles.

IL-78, passed in 2012 to overhaul ARZ in Ryazan
Photo: russianplanes.net 

ARZ 121 of suburban Cuban women had revenue of 2.9 mldr. rub. (Excluding VAT), of which 2.1 were obtained for the repair of aircraft. As you know, this company carries a three-yearcontract,
7.11.2011 prisoner, for the modernization of the Su-25SM, according to which in 2012 should be delivered 16 vehicles to the value of 2,034 works mldr. rub. In addition, we know of two renovated Sioux 25UTG Marine aviation and several Air Force attack aircraft Turkmenistan.

Sioux 25UTG individual ship Regiment of the Northern Fleet, which took place in 2012 overhaul
Photo: russianplanes.net

322 ARZ Vozdvizhenka of revenue received only 333.8 mln. against pozaproshlogodnih 660.5. It is known that during the year the company carried out the renovation of the Su-27UB, Su-24M, Su-25 (UB).

Su-27UB passed after repair at ARZ in Vozdvizhenka Air Group, based near Vladivostok
Photo: aviaforum.ru

In addition knevichanskim branch plant osuschestvlyalyasya repair of MiG-31 and Ka-27 helicopters.

Ka-27PL during the flyby on Knevichanskom branch 322 ARZ
Photo: odnoklassniki.ru

ARZ 308 of Ivanovo received proceeds in the amount of 953 million rubles., Far surpassing the results of 2011, when the amount of revenue amounted to only 163 million rubles. According to the registercontractsIn the reporting year the plant passed the repair of aircraft of FSB An-72 RF-72018 Head. Number 36576094880 and Aviation Ministry of Internal Affairs — An-26 RF-56307 with Head. Number 1501.

AN-26 aircraft from the Naval Air Arm Vladivostok, past repairs at ARZ in Ivanovo in 2012
Photo: aviaforum.ru

Two of the holding company "Aviaremont" — Khabarovsk ARZ 12 ARZ 325 Taganrog and accounting reports to date have not published. According to the site aviafotografii know of at least two-handed An-12 Russian Air Force and two — for Naval Aviation (including one An-12PS). According to one AN-72 Air Force received (airline head. № 36572060610 and hull number 03 red) and the FSB (An-72P RF-72028 with the manager. 36576093870), two — BBC Kazakhstan (planes with the head. № 36572030460 and 36572091823 receiving side numbers 07 and 08 red).

An-12PS Naval Aviation during the flyby after repairs on 325ARZ
Photo: russianplanes.net

Rostov Civil Aviation Plant number 412 renovated in 2012, six Tu-134 and An-26 four. Among the Tu-134 plane hit RA-65994 Russian Federal Security Service (Head number 66207)contractthe repair of which was concluded on 12.12.2011, the sum of 48 million rubles. There have also been deposited at least three planes of the former Chelyabinsk Aviation School navigators (Tu-134SH with hull number 20 and 37, Tu-134UBL number 28, blue), the remaining two aircraft were handed over, apparently other parts of the Russian Air Force. Aircraft were transferred to the FSB and two AN-26 — in April 8907 after a number of the third major repairs oncontracton 6 June 2011 and number 9703, which has been renovated according to the registercontracts,
by November 2012

Tu-134SH after repairs on RZGA-412
Photo: aviaforum.ru

Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant received revenue from repair of Russian helicopters customers 1.4 mldr. rub., exports — 632 million rubles. From the register of government contracts is known about the delivery of two Mi-26 helicopters structures of state aircraft: FSBcontracton October 4, 2011 last year received after the second repair of the Mi-26 manager. Number 34001212473, and MES — helicopter RF-32822 Head. Number on 34001212615contract,
signed in February this year by Helicopter Service Company. Two helicopter squadrons were police — atcontractfrom 13.09.2012 to Altai came from the first repair Mi-8AMTSh RF-28980, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Novosibirsk OblastcontractOctober 31, in December, was handed the Mi-8T RF-28969.

Renovated in the NARP Mi-26 aircraft of the FSB.
Photo: russianplanes.net

Omsk plant of civil aviation in 2012 was renovated 47 helicopters (sent to customers 41), four of them — the modifications of the Mi-8 MTV-1, two — Mi-171, one — Mi-17, and the rest — Mi-8T. Government customers, according to the register of contracts with this company in the past year was not.
The St. Petersburg Aircraft Repair Company reports in the public domain does not publish. At the same time, according to the register of contracts in 2012, this company has repaired three helicopters for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (Mi-8 MTV-1 RF-32781 zav.96652, Mi-8MB RF-32820 Head. 94082, Mi-8MTs RF-31356 Head. 94564), two — to the Arctic Ocean, "Russia» (RA-27016 and RA-27017). as well as the Mi-8T RF-28965 Samara police. In addition, it is possible that this company participated in soispolnenii SDO repair helicopters Mi-8 Russian Air Force.

Mi-8MTs Russian Air Force after repairs to the SPARK
Photo: forums.airforce.ru

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