Aviation repair factories increased production figures in 2012

Most of the aircraft repair plant (ARP), members of the association "Union of Aviation Engine" (ASSAD) in 2012 increased the production figures for the previous year, said "AviaPort" said President Viktor ASSAD Chujko.

Russian single-loop single-shaft turbojet engine with afterburner AL-21F Source:http://www.russianarms.ru/ 


Thus, the 121st RHA increased sales for the reporting period by 2.2 times when this number of employees increased by 7.7%, salary — up to 30% percent.

123rd ARZ increased sales by 24.8%, with an increase in headcount by 16% and average wage increase in the company to 37%.

218th ARZ increased sales by 25%. At the same number of employees increased by 15% percent increase in the average salary in the company as well by 15%.

Victor Chujko noted that in 2012, at 3-4 the pl ASSAD, compared to the year 2011 there has been some decline in sales, but still a significant increase in sales compared with 2010.

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