AvtoVAZ and FCS are launching a new project

The Federal Customs Service (FCS) and AvtoVAZ are beginning a new project on optimization of logistics for the supply of components. The decision was made in August in St. Petersburg at a meeting with the head of the declaration of AvtoVAZ Valeria Rodionov, head of the Volga Customs Vyacheslav Goloskokov, chief of the North-West Customs Administration Nazipa Gelikeeva, head of the Samara Customs Alexander Arkhipov, head of the Baltic Customs Chebaeva Alexander and other senior executives FCS and specialists.


The purpose of the project — the mass introduction of the practice of inter-regional cooperation between the participants of foreign trade and customs system "remote release" (customs operations for customs declaration in electronic goods in the region of the customs authority, other than the location of the declaration) through the use of advanced information technology. Testing of the agreed joint operations "remote release" decided to make an example of customs clearance of goods flows AvtoVAZ — Russia's largest manufacturer of passenger cars, the factory conveyor-intensive mode of production. The project will take place on the basis of the customs post AvtoVAZ Samara customs and customs offices of the Baltic Customs.

The result of the project — reducing the costs of storage and transportation in the Russian car factory supplied goods from abroad and reduce the time of their delivery to the assembly line. It takes on a special urgency, including, in the start of production at AvtoVAZ cars under three brenadami — LADA, Renault and Nissan on a platform of B0. Technology "remote" output "is already used by AvtoVAZ and FCS in the clearance term supply of components from Renault air transport through the airport" Samara "- customs procedures begin immediately after receiving the information of shipment and completed within three hours of its arrival in Russia. Between Renault and AvtoVAZ set up a data transmission system of shipped components in real-time, the same system will be introduced, and for the clearance of goods coming by sea from Nissan.

Given the volume and range of foreign supplies of AvtoVAZ, for the realization of this ambitious project, a working group of experts AvtoVAZ and FCS.

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