AvtoVAZ began development of release Renault Logan and Renault Sandero

According Independent Largus Club AvtoVAZ began development of release updated hatchback Renault Sandero 2.

Source with AvtoVAZ reports that have been welded several bodies of the car.

Also, according to him, the conveyor hangers B0, which are now made Lada Largus and Nissan Almera, increasingly began to appear Renault Logan 2 generation.

Recall just a few days ago Avtosreda stated, that AvtoVAZ is preparing for mass production model Renault. Namely, in the production of plastic products of "AvtoVAZ" appeared six new injection molding machines for the production of plastic parts exterior and interior of the car Renault.


Also in March Carobka.ru published photographs of one of the first to the second generation Renault Logan, cobrannogo on the conveyor AvtoVAZ. And it turned out that it is different from the cars Dacia Logan, presented at the Paris Motor Show.

For example, by their appearance in the interior cabin — air vents on the center console, rectangular, rather than circular, like a Romanian Dacia. As well as the horn button is now out on the steering column switch.

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