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According to the president of AvtoVAZ Igor Komarov, a new model of "Lada» — Granta — will be presented in the spring of 2011, and it will demonstrate to the general public in the course of the Moscow Motor Show, which will take place in August. Commenting on the Lada Granta, Komarov called it a "project of the year", from the appearance of which "will depend on many things."

"Autostat" writes that the Lada Granta is built on a platform of Kalina — this budget model of the "Lada" will occupy a niche in the market, which now occupies the "classics" — VAZ-2105 and VAZ-2107. Start of production of "Grants" is scheduled for this year, every year is planned to produce up to 400 thousand cars of this model and its preliminary cost — 190-250 thousand.

Meanwhile, in the course of one of the last sessions of strategic leadership automobile Renault, Nissan and AvtoVAZ was decided to resume the project of creating a vehicle of class C. It will be created as a result of the joint work of the three companies developed their own new platform. The first such vehicle leaves the assembly line of the plant "IzhAuto" in 2014-2015.

"Vedomosti" remind us that "IzhAuto" in accordance with the signed in December of last year a memorandum will be purchased and upgraded AvtoVAZ, Russian Technologies and Sberbank. CEO of Renault in Russia and the CIS Bruno Ancel confirmed plans for Renault, Nissan and AvtoVAZ to build a new platform for a vehicle of class C.

Ancel said that the main role in the development of the new platform will serve engineers AvtoVAZ, and they will seek to use as large as possible? Occupations are present in a number of cars Renault-Nissan sites. Now its existing C-Class, which gathers cars Renault Megane, Fluence and Nissan Qashqai, it was decided not to use the price of considerations.

Adopted in March, AvtoVAZ's development strategy up to 2020 indicated that in 2015-2016 this car plant will begin assembling the crossover, and sedan platform using C class sedan Estimated cost of this class is 400 thousand rubles, Crossover — 500 thousand rubles.

According to Ansel, concern Renault-Nissan made a proposal to produce cars under the brand name of AvtoVAZ as long as the Volga car does not develop its own platform for the C-Class. Ancel said that it is a sedan version feysliftingovoy SM3 CE, developed by Renault Samsung Motors.

Informally indicated that this model will be released in 2012, and investment in this project will reach $ 20 billion is no official comment. In Western Europe, SM3 CE is sold as a Nissan Almera Classic. Its base model is equipped with engine capacity of 1.6 liters, with a capacity of 107 liters. s. and a manual transmission.

However, the final decision on the development of the C-Class cars are still pending. According to the director, "Avtostat" Sergei Tselikova, Renault-Nissan wants to transplant as many customers AvtoVAZ on their cars, so the concern is committed to the development of the Volga car used his platform.

— I would like to add an article to their opinion.
I am disappointed with the behavior of Reno. This is a common western company that does everything for themselves. You can recall the history of Icarus, for example. I advise you to read the articles Galina Dmitrieva, a journalist from Togliatti, which fully explains how Renault is planning to kill AvtoVAZ. Fortunately, in my opinion, the government has osoznovat this situation and decided to invest in the restoration project C, in which it has invested so much money.

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