AvtoVAZ completed the translation of the lineup to Euro-4

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In order to fulfill the norms of "Euro-4" all LADA cars were modernized (with the exception of LADA Granta, which was originally developed under the standard "Euro-4"). Preparations for the new eco-standards began with the introduction of the engine management system on the basis of an electronically throttle system (E-Gas). Were then optimized calibration of electronic engine control unit and used catalyst with increased loading precious metals. It was possible to significantly reduce the amount of precious metals compared with foreign counterparts.

For certification under the new requirements of each model LADA passed a set of tests for toxicity, noise and electromagnetic compatibility — a total of more than 200 tests.

Increasing the recommended retail price of cars LADA in connection with the introduction of "Euro-4" was 2700 rubles (for "classic") and 1,000 rubles (for other models).

Help to implement eco-standards "Euro" on cars LADA:

In 2004, two years before moving to Russia "Euro-2" AvtoVAZ began to produce the first batch of cars classic layout in a complete set of "Euro-2". At the same time, the families of all the cars LADA Samara and LADA 110 have been released in the configuration corresponding to the "Euro-2" export versions — "Euro-3".

Since 2006, all LADA cars for the domestic market were transferred to the standard "Euro-2". For the brand LADA ended the era of gasoline engines.

Since 2006 LADA cars for export to the European Union fulfill norms "Euro-4", which was upgraded converter and produced new calibration of the engine control.

Since 2008, all LADA cars for the Russian market (including "classic") were transferred to the standard "Euro-3". The composition of vehicles included an upgraded controller of the electronic engine management system, the second oxygen sensor, advanced gasoline canister, more efficient converters of exhaust gases. When using a certified fuel, these systems provide performance requirements, "Euro-3" and reliable engine. Have been upgraded all the cars destined for the domestic market, except LADA Priora and LADA Kalina with a 16-valve engine, which from the beginning of production conform to the "Euro-3". LADA cars meet the requirements of "Euro-3" with a solid margin. The new car, he is 60-70%, and after 80,000 kilometers — about 30%. Such a "margin of safety" is not prescribed standard, but in Russia it is needed.

In October 2011, OAO "AvtoVAZ" began assembling LADA 4×4 vehicles that conform to the "Euro-4", and intended for the domestic market. Also in October 2010 OAO "AvtoVAZ" started issuing export LADA 4×4 three-door configuration under the environmental standard "Euro-5", which came into effect in Western Europe since January 1, 2011. Production of export Kalina and Priora in the version under the "Euro-5" began in the first half of 2011.

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