AvtoVAZ has prepared a new color for cars Lada


Togliatti auto plant in the autumn will offer consumers several enamels, paints respective ensuing autumn.

Lada Priora and Samara get colors "white cloud" (nemetallik), silver-gray "Snow Queen", blue-turquoise "Nice" bright blue "Perseus" gray-blue "Borneo" and black "space".

Largus painted in silver, "platinum", "gray basalt" and bluish-gray "ice" (nemetallik).

For Kalina and Granta prepared seven colors, "white cloud" bluish "ice", orange "magma", silver-gray "Riesling", "Perseus", "port" and "space."

Enamels for Lada 4×4 remained traditional — "snow-white" green "Nessie" cherry "jasper" blue-green "Baltika".

ATVOVAZone of the largest producers of passenger cars in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company is the city main for the city of Togliatti, Samara region. The company currently employs about 68 thousand people.

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