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Two years of notes in March 2012, a joint service of Common Supplier Quality and Supplier Development (CSQSD), established in the framework of development cooperation AvtoVAZ and the Alliance Renault-Nissan, aiming to continue the modernization of the Russian automobile industry. CSQSD, as combining the resources of partners, develops and improves the quality of automotive components suppliers in Russia, and for the first two years of operation achieved significant results: the indicator of quality automotive components from the major Russian companies supplying AvtoVAZ improved 10 times.

Joint service development and improvement of the quality of suppliers was established March 9, 2010 with the aim of improving the Russian supplier base avtokomlektuyuschih for serial production and new projects in the Russian partner companies.

Areas of work and the results achieved CSQSD

Since the inception of CSQSD provides systematic work with Russian suppliers of automotive components to achieve the goals of product quality. When working with suppliers CSQSD uses techniques Alliance Renault-Nissan (such as audit ASES, which assesses the level of quality assurance) and methodology development and competitiveness of suppliers (consulting, cost-cutting measures, the implementation of quality tools and lean manufacturing). Key areas of activity CSQSD:

— improvement of the quality system supplier of new projects AvtoVAZ and the Alliance Renault-Nissan: Quality has improved in 76% of all suppliers of AvtoVAZ.

— improvement in the performance of suppliers of new projects AvtoVAZ and the Alliance Renault-Nissan: industry indicators are communicated to the international level in 47% of the suppliers of AvtoVAZ.

— improvement and development of internal procedures and working methods of the program to improve the quality of products LADA QUALITY PROGRAM (LQP) using the standards and procedures of the Alliance.

The number of defects per million products (ppm) — a key indicator of the quality of automotive components. Due to the direction of action in this area over time CSQSD indicator of quality automotive components supplied to the assembly lines of AvtoVAZ, improved about 10 times. 

The Academy of Quality Alliance

At the initiative of CSQSD started another joint project aiming at the development of quality — The Academy of Quality Alliance (AQA). Launched a year ago, this structure has already conducted training in quality tools (32000 hours) until July 2012 will be trained 80 suppliers involved in the production and new projects AvtoVAZ and the Alliance Renault-Nissan. Teachers AQA — specialists AvtoVAZ and Renault in Russia have been trained in the Renault Consulting. Training is conducted in accordance with the international standards of the Alliance in the field of quality production and quality suppliers. In the short term — training in AQA serial providers AvtoVAZ standard ASES in accordance with the requirements of the Alliance. 

Further development of joint work in the field of quality automotive components will contribute to the strategic plans of AvtoVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance to modernize the Russian automobile industry. By 2016, the combined share of partners in the Russian market should be 40%.

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