AvtoVAZ increased production

According to Rosstat, in the five months of 2012, the Russian assembly descended 795,000 cars — this is by 23.4% more than the year before. Thus, in May, was released on 172,000 vehicles, up 37% compared to a year ago.

The leader of the Russian car industry — AvtoVAZ — at the end of last month released the 46609 vehicles — a 10.4% increase over the previous year. Thus, the company has shown growth in production. The most popular model on the assembly line of AvtoVAZ in May for the first time this year was the flagship Lada Priora, edition of which was 11887 vehicles, occupying 25.5% of the total output. Almost identical results showed the model Lada Kalina and Granta — 11083 and 10734 machines, respectively. In addition, the assembly line "IzhAuto" last month got away in 1652 Lada 2104 and IZ-27175.

It should also be noted that on May 16 AvtoVAZ produced the 27 millionth vehicle since the launch of the company. A May 2 St. Petersburg plant Nissan released 50000th crossover Nissan X-Trail in Russia.

Truck production in January-May amounted to about 80,000 units, up 6.5% compared to the same period in 2011. Last month, the Russian assembly descended 19,000 trucks — is 12.6% more than the year before.

Bus production in Russia for five months of 2012 rose by 60.8% to 20.3 million units. In the May bus plants increased production by 65.4% to 4,500 vehicles.


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