AvtoVAZ increases the supply of automotive components to Chechenavto

March 20 was 5 years from the start of deliveries to assembly plant "Chechenavto" kits for cars Lada. 

Last year, AvtoVAZ has put the company on the Argun 1040 car kits for the assembly of sedans Lada Priora. In 2013, AvtoVAZ plans to increase the supply of automotive components to "Chechenavto" is more than 1.5 times.

A total AvtoVAZ already sent partners from Chechnya almost 3000 car kits. The paper "Chechenavto" began with the assembly of Lada 2107. Now the factory is "Chechenavto" produces cars Lada Priora — until assembly of the kits is based on the body with internal upholstery, and for 2013 it is planning to learn and work with bodies without interior trim.

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