AvtoVAZ is implementing an electronic accelerator pedal

On January 17, 2011 AvtoVAZ began to equip all cars LADA Kalina, LADA Samara and LADA 4×4 electronic accelerator pedal. LADA Priora get this system in May.

In addition to the electronic accelerator pedal on cars LADA introduced throttle tube with a motor driven valve, the air flow sensor with a new generation of digital output. Controller Engine Control Module (ECM) has received advanced software, with dimensions of the Comptroller twice reduced.

The engine management system of the new generation, which includes an electronic accelerator pedal will greatly enhance the ecological cars. In 2010, the LADA Kalina, LADA Priora and LADA 4×4, equipped with the upgraded ECM, has successfully passed the certification for compliance with Ekostandart "Euro-5" (introduced in Europe in 2011, with the simultaneous introduction of new requirements for CO2 emissions — 150g/km). An updated engine management system will play a positive role in the implementation in Russia, "Euro-4", which is scheduled for the turn of 2011-2012.

The application of modern engine management system with electronic accelerator pedal is not only made LADA cars more environmentally friendly, but also improved their consumer properties. After this upgrade the car becomes more responsive — by improving the efficiency of the motor and control system adequate response to the wishes of the driver. Also marked improvement engine starting properties throughout the range of operating temperature environment. Northern testing in 2010 confirmed the possibility of a reliable engine starting at temperatures down to -30 ° C. By optimizing the engine calibration has been possible to reduce the operating costs of fuel to 5%.

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