AvtoVAZ starts production of Lada Granta Sport

  • AvtoVAZ starts production of Lada Granta Sport
  • AvtoVAZ starts production of Lada Granta Sport

A subsidiary of JSC "AvtoVAZ"The company Lada Motor Sport Technologies began production road car version of the Lada Granta Sport.

"AvtoVAZ and Lada Motor Sport Technologies presented the sports version of Lada Granta for roads Russia — Lada Granta Sport — using a unique retail price of 443 thousand rubles.", — The report says AvtoVAZ.

Home sales scheduled for the second quarter 2013., April car will be tested at dealerships, the newspaper "RBC daily. "Total in 2013. Venture expects to collect 1 million cars in the future partners" will be guided by the interest of buyers. "Representative" Lada MST "notes that customer needs can increase up to 5 million cars a year.

How to say the producers, Lada Granta Sport — low-volume car with sporty setting engine (120 hp) and a special firm suspension, the original bodywork and sporty interior. Sports seats with pronounced side bolsters in black and red style that complements the leather upholstery and steering gearbox. The car will also have a touch multimedia system with Bluetooth and hands-free. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.5 sec., The maximum speed — 197 km / h

"The car will be a success in young people, it will not cost a million, as foreign counterparts. Interest of the clients already have," — said the director of "Avtoplaneta" (part of "Autoworld", the official dealer of Lada) Dmitry Pelikh. The official representative of AvtoVAZ Alexander sniffing declined to comment.

However, market participants do not expect that the new model will be demanded by the mass buyer. "The platform at AvtoVAZ produced by Lada Granta and upgraded one and the same, but cost twice as much," — said General Director of Auto-Dealer.Ru Oleg Datskiv.

Recall that on January 28 2013. AvtoVAZ increased the recommended retail price of cars LADA. Depending on the particular model of car recommended retail price increase were:

— LADA Samara — 3,7% (from 284 thousand rubles.)

— LADA Kalina — 3,3% (from 311.7 thousand rubles.)

— LADA 4×4 — 3-3,3%, depending on the number of doors (from 346.5 thousand rubles.)

— LADA Granta — 3% (from 269 thousand rubles.)

— LADA Largus — 2,8% (from 330 thousand rubles. — "Van", from 360 thousand rubles. — Passenger version);

— LADA Priora — 2,6% (from 344.9 thousand rubles.).

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