AvtoVAZ will supply to Europe Lada cars under the Euro-5

AvtoVAZ from 1 July 2011 will start selling in Europe cars Lada Priora and Kalina, meet environmental standards "Euro-5", the vice-president of marketing and sales of AvtoVAZ Artem Fedosov. In addition, c 1 October in Europe you can buy "eco-friendly" SUV Lada 4×4.

Lada cars were exported to European countries until 1 January 2011, when the EU introduced new environmental standards "Euro-5". They tightened the requirements for the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere of the car, which required AvtoVAZ refine its export models.
At the end of 2010 in Europe was sold 5311 cars Lada, while in 2009 the figure was 7,280 vehicles. According to AvtoVAZ, the greatest demand among Europeans enjoyed SUV 4×4.

A.Fedosov also said that AvtoVAZ is studying the possibility of establishing an assembly plant of Lada 4×4 in Uruguay for the Brazilian market. According to him, with the interested party discussed the economic feasibility of the project, with plans not to create a joint venture, while the supply of kits for assembly production. In this A.Fedosov added that AvtoVAZ suspends delivery kits to the assembly plant in Egypt until June of this year at the request of the Egyptian side

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