Awakened volcano code assigned the highest risk



Flat Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka, who woke up after after 36 years of peace, is gaining momentum. He assigned the highest, red, code aviation hazard.

"There is a danger of ash emissions greater than 10 kilometers above sea level. Aerosol and ash plumes may pose a risk to flights on international and local airlines," — said the group Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response (KVERT).

As explained by volcanologists at Tolbachinsky dale were found two cracks — the first in about 4 — 5 km south of the volcano Flat Tolbachic, and the second in 6 — 7 km away. "Severe hum is heard from the volcano in the townships Kozirevsk, the May and Keys. Observed vibration windows, electric wires and water bodies," — added the expert.

Volcanic eruption related to Kluchevskoy group, began on 27 November. On the eve of the May on the outskirts of the village, located 50 km from the volcano, was discovered by the volcanic ash that had fallen the night. Residential buildings, homes, and socially important objects under the influence of ash were not included. Vulcan was assigned Code Orange air of danger. Ministry of Emergency Situations for Kamchatka region recommended a plane flying over the center of the peninsula, to change routes.

In the active phase of the volcano Flat Tolbachic 3.1 thousand meters of altitude is rare. Since 1740, when we started monitoring the volcano, it recorded ten eruptions, four of them strong. The last eruption of the Flat Tolbachik happened in 1975 — 1976 years.

Just Kluchevskaya group has 14 volcanoes, of which three are active — Flat Tolbachic, Kluchevskoy and Nameless Sopka.


Marina ILYIN

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