Awakened volcano threatens Canary Islands

Awakened volcano threatens Canary IslandsCanary Islands authorities warned the public about the activation of the volcano on the island of El Hierro. It was declared a second yellow, the danger level. All because of the volcanic activity in the past three months on the island there were 10 thousand aftershocks, according to Associated Press.

Scientists believe that the eruption of a volcano on the island of El Hierro could happen at any moment. Civil defense of the island have developed a plan of emergency evacuation in case of a sudden eruption. To avoid casualties among the locals, it is supposed to remove them from the island by ship.

Now Hierro blocked major roads, as well as a tunnel connecting the two major cities of the island. Because of the volcanic activity and accumulation of magma at a depth of about 15 km island is raised by about 4 cm

Island of El Hierro (or El Hierro) — the westernmost and smallest island of the Canary archipelago: an area of only 268.7 square meters. km. It is home to about 10 thousand 500 people. Hierro — a volcanic island, for it contains about 500 volcanic cones.

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