AZ Chaika-Service issued a motor vehicle with a manipulator for police

Automobile Factory "Chaika-Service" published a special truck with crane for private security Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

New assistant to the Russian police will vysokoprohodimy and unpretentious GAZ-33088 "charge" with two-row cabin, and a loader crane Amco Veba 105 2s. Domestic truck is suitable for all driving conditions.

Equipment will be used for household needs police, transportation equipment, its loading and unloading by CMU.

Model Amco Veba 105 2s has two telescopic boom.

Features Amco Veba 105 2s:

Capacity at maximum radius — 715 kg;

maximum flight — 5.77 meters;

the minimum flight — 3.28 m;

capacity at minimum radius — 1270 kg;

load moment — 4.3 t / m

Two-row cab on the basis of "Sadko" accommodates 5 people. The car is equipped with a police identification signs, a light beam signal speakerphone unit (SSU).

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