Bad weather has left thousands without electricity Ukrainians

To restore power brought brigade power companies.
Downpours and strong winds left without electricity for more than 30 communities in four regions of Ukraine.

This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In particular, 8 settlements de-energized in the Vinnytsia Oblast (region Kazatinskom area disconnected from the power supply of the village Sestrinovka, Maharintsy, Sokilets, Karolivka, Mikhailin, Lopatin, Sofiyivka and red), 13 — in the Kiev (powered down five settlements in the area and one Obukhov — in Tutaevsky in Baryshevsky area partially disconnected from the power supply two localities in Vyshgorod — 2, Obukhov — 1, Tarashchansky — 2 and Tutaevsky — 2.), 8 — in Odessa, 7 — in Chernihiv (deenergized 3 localities points in the Chernigov region, 2 — and in Kozeletska Borznyanskom).

To restore the power of settlements brought brigade power companies.

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