Because of the fire in the Donbass in the mine evacuated 112 miners

Because of the fire in the Donbass in the mine evacuated 112 minersKyiv, October 12 (New Region, Konstantin Zelfanov) — Today in the Donetsk region in the mine "Pioneer" Company "DTEK Dobropolyeugol" because of the fire were evacuated 112 miners. The press office of the Trade Union of Coal Industry of Ukraine with reference to the chief technical inspector for labor Ukrugleprofsoyuza Dobropolskaya terkome Eugene Milenko.

He told me that today at 3.23, approximately 40 meters from the bottom cargo bed M4 Walker (2) horizon 500 meters link drifters working for the passage of mines, smoke was found. The miners reported mine emergency dispatcher, who immediately introduced emergency plan: all seven miners were on the emergency areas, were promptly removed to a safe place on a fresh approach for the company called rescuers.

Just at the time of an accident in a mine operated 112 miners.

All people have brought to the surface, thankfully, victims and victims. Seven miners were in the immediate vicinity of the source of smoke were investigated in a surface mine infirmary, complaints on health they are not followed.

The mine "Pioneer" arrived four branches rescuers who scouted and started an emergency. Morning hearth smoke was extinguished.

Currently, the company set up a special investigation committee, which finds the cause of the fire.

The work of the mine suspended until the complete elimination of the effects of smoke.

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