Belarus agree on the transit of Venezuelan oil

Belarus and Ukraine are preparing to sign a package of agreements on trans-shipment of Venezuelan oil through the port of Yuzhny and its transportation through the pipeline system "Odessa-Brody".

According to "Interfax", following bilateral negotiations can say that the dialogue is going to be constructive, and the documents are in a high degree of readiness. It is expected that a package of agreements can be signed in the near future.

It is of transportation through Ukraine to Belarus about 5 million tonnes of Venezuelan oil. It is assumed that, under the contract, the oil will be supplied by tankers to the South Port to "swap" conditions and then transported by pipeline "Odessa-Brody" in aversnym mode to Belarus. This oil will be processed at the Mozyr refinery.

Second Belarussian refineries — "Naftan" — will receive Venezuelan oil on the "Lithuanian route." The contract for transshipment through the "Klaipeda oil" up to 2.5 million tonnes of Venezuelan oil per year and is close to signing. He is expected to be signed before the end of October.


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