Belarus continues to be considered a country vysokokorrumpirovannoy

The international organization Transparency International today released its report on the state of corruption in the world. Corruption Perception Index Belarus remains in the vysokokorrumpirovannoy countries, but the situation is a little better.

According to experts Transparency International, corruption remains one of the most pressing problems, next to the instability of the financial markets and poverty. Response to the global crisis should become intolerant of corruption, advise the authors of the report.

As Transparency International defines corruption and measures?

Corruption is the abuse of public office for private gain. Transparency International focuses on corruption in the public sector, in other words, self-interested behavior of public officials and politicians. It is as usual bribery and embezzlement of public funds or manipulation of public orders.

The Corruption Perceptions Index (Corruption Perceptions Index — CPI) measures the organization, relying on expert surveys and studies of various reputable and independent agencies, and serve as a basis for the evaluation of at least three sources. The index reflects both the external evaluation and opinion of experts who live in the area. Thus, it is not a real let down recorded cases of corruption, but rather the assessment of the environment, so it is called the index of perception of corruption.
The index exhibited on a scale where 10 is the practical absence of corruption, and a zero — complete corruption.

The current leaders and outsiders

According to this list, which includes 178 countries, three quarters of them received an index from zero to five — and referred to a zone with a high level of corruption. As the report notes, the instability of governments and persistent conflicts tend to accompany high corruption. This conclusion is illustrated by the three countries that complete the list — Somalia (Index 1.1) Myanmar (1,4), and Afghanistan (1,4). The least corrupt countries recognized Denmark, New Zealand and Syngapur (All — index of 9.3).

The report finds improvements in particular in the Chile, Ecuador, Macedonia, on Haiti. On the contrary, compared with the previous year the situation has worsened in Czech Republic, Greece, Italy or USA.

Belarus and neighbors

Belarus this year is 124 th place out of 178, but only because it is alphabetically slightly higher Ecuador, Liban, Nicaragua, Syria, East Timor and Uganda. Index of all these countries the same — 2.5 points out of 10. In these countries, Belarus divides 124-130 seats. Last year Belarus was on the 139-m site and had a 2.4 index. Thus, the improvement index is one-tenth of one percent.

The situation in Ukraine and Russia recognized even worse — the index of Ukraine — Russia and 2.4 — 2.1. The best of all post-Soviet countries is as Estonia, which, when the index is 6.5 26th place after France.

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