Belarusian car with a Chinese gut

Belarus did not abandon the idea to establish a mass production of cars based on foreign developments. The Ministry of Industry reported that negotiations were underway with Chinese companies interested in creating assembly plant near Minsk. Recall that on the conveyor enterprise "Unison" in Minsk district Obchak already collected from kits Iranian "Samand". Why is taken as a model avtapramyslovasts countries that do not serve the trendsetters in this area?

Head of investment activities of the Ministry of Industry Dmitry Korchik said yesterday that the decision will be made soon. To build a car factory, Chinese companies offered two sites in the Minsk region. At the same time from the same idea to register at MAZ production side refused.

The head of the Association of drivers and vehicle owners Oleg Markevich convinced that in order to please the new rich friend, the Belarusian authorities are ready to go all-out kitaizatsyyu:

Goods of Belarus against this background that can no longer compete with the fact that vtsyuhvae us a new "big brother" …

"Take the same" Horizon ": previously it was half" Philips ", and now nearly all the Chinese, which immediately affected the quality of products. And so in all. And the auto industry — not the most telling example, because it is — direct access into slavery, like all transplanted to the Chinese government … Do not see what all the already flooded with Chinese goods of dubious quality, but the European price? Goods of Belarus against this background that can no longer compete with the fact that our new vtsyuhvae " big brother. " But this expansion will not pass without leaving a trace: wait for further plant closures and perapadparadkavanne their new owners. This was going unemployment and, as a logical extension — a social explosion. This though is another story, but it is not far off. And we will hear it, if you do not wake up from the Chinese hypnosis. "

The prospect of Chinese expansion in all directions akreslilasya after the recent visit of Alexander Lukashenko in Beijing. The result of the negotiations with the leaders of China have ambitious plans for the development of 15 billion dollars that the Chinese are willing to invest in joint projects — from the construction of housing and investment in the construction of nuclear power plants lyagistychnyh terminals and the creation of automotive production.

Last year, the Belarusian government held a contest to determine the potential investor in the automotive industry. The winner was named "Chery Automobile" — China's largest manufacturer of car budget. The company has long sought to gain a foothold in the CIS, but due to the economic crisis planned expansion slowed. Does the choice in favor of last year's "Chery" in the current This year, — the Ministry of Industry did not elaborate. This means that in a number of applicants can enter westernized brands: "Geely", "Hafei", "Greatwall".

Minsk businessman Andrei Klimov in early 1990 announced a competition for the creation of the first national car. And convinced that the political situation in the state has not changed, the Belarusians have a half a dozen years would drive the domestic auto. However, current plans are to provide the Belarusian Chinese car squint believes that it is opportunistic. In terms of overproduction such experiments have a higher chance of failure:

to acquire new "Volvo" in Minsk, I stood in line for almost six months …

"If me and my company was born the idea of the first Belarusian car, then the demand for passenger cars grew in globally. So, to buy a new "Volvo" in Minsk, I stood in line for almost six months. And then not to my status, I could have a year to defend. Now any machine — do not want to take. Here you have the cost of the new situation. Therefore to begin in overproduction some experiments with the release of the car is quite risky. Also in Belarus almost all prefer second-hand European cars, not Chinese, albeit a new one. And the emphasis is on re-export from the United States. They're cheaper and in good quality, as the turnover of the automotive market there is very big in the property for many machines and cars just do not have time to physically hard to communicate. "

Experts point out that, by itself Belarus Chinese manufacturers are interested in a little. First of all attracted huge market of the Customs Union — mainly Russia and Kazakhstan, which are available at a cost of cars will be able to compete with the products of the Russian automobile industry. However, once such calculations are pushed to experiment and concern "Ford". However, after several years of work in Belarus, the Americans were forced to declare profitability.

In 2006, at the former Ford's assembly line has registered an Iranian company "Kodra Iran." However, the release of exotic for Europe "Samand cars" because of the high cost and low demand has not reached full capacity: in the past there were produced only 244 cars that "raspihali" in the traffic police, taxi cab company and officials of small managers. Five "Samand cars" during the current "Dazhynak" were presented to leaders of the harvest.

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