Belarusian Chupacabra holds in horror Starobin

October 9, 2012 17:17

Mysterious creature has destroyed virtually all the chickens, rabbits and ducks in the village with a population of 6000. Attacks occur almost every night. People after dark afraid to go outside.

Olga Aderikho not for one second releases the three year old daughter. After all the nights she literally afraid to leave little Sasha unattended. In the darkness someone or something attacked their farm. The yard was literally covered with the carcasses of dead chickens. The birds were not just, as they say experienced hostess, smothered — in layers drained blood.

Completely destroying the economy of Olga, unknown creature your hunger is satiated. And sent to a neighboring yard.

Pretty deep traces lead to the shed, where an unknown guest bled for 20 chickens. And to get to the living creatures, predator break down the door, tilting lasting nail.

The strength of the unknown visitor and said the breach in the fence. Uninvited guest made a pretty impressive pass. Some boards, he moved to the side, and one even tore despite tight impacted nails longer than 8 inches.

Local first want to write off all the tricks of ferrets or rabid foxes, but traces of the canines on the fence too long.

But after being Dig wall in the barn, pigs attacked, the village stood in horror.

Some people claim to have seen the assailant. But a good look in the dark could not, and were afraid to get close.

Through the destruction of poultry in the village is already in the thousands — on many streets pets never left. Uninvited Guest destroyed even cats. All tables in the local administration literally inundated with letters and collective appeals frightened people. They need to protect them. But the executive committee do not yet know from whom, and most importantly — how.

Rural fears fueled rumors of a so-called Chupacabra. This creature of folklore of South America, which drinks the blood of animals. Internet is full of pictures. However, official confirmation yet. "Chupacabra" repeatedly caught, but they turned out to be a rabid coyote, then mutated saber-toothed kangaroo.

Similar attacks on cattle were in the Ukraine and Russia, but such a massive destruction of animals, both in Belarus has not yet happened. Not prone to mysticism experts on forest people are trying to determine theoretically bloodsucker.

While experts are wondering who keeps at bay Starobin, locals stopped going out in the dark.

At dusk 6000th village resembles a ghost town. Many people look forward to, and when there will complete a new church. People are convinced then attacked them being just leave them alone.

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