Belarusians — the Slavs or Balts?

Compiled genetic portrait of the modern Belarusian. There were about a thousand samples studied DNA from the natives of Belarusians six geographic regions. The main result, according to the head of the project, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Oleg Davydenko Belarusians — are Slavs. And the closest relatives to the Belarusians on the number of genetic systems — it's Russian and Ukrainian.

However, not everyone agrees with this version. A number of researchers insists that the Belarusians — is the Western Balts. And the supporters and the one and the other theory in his works often refer to the work of doctor of biological sciences, anthropology, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR Alexei Mikulic.

Alexei Mikulic — studio guest portal TUT.BY.

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