Belenky: We need to turn away from the regime of solidarity

During the rally in Kurapaty Forest Memorial Day ancestors leaders of the CCP BPF urged the citizens of Belarus not to participate in the presidential elections.

In his address to the participants of the march and rally at the Dziady chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak urged "not to participate in the scenarios of dark power, did not go to the dark vote, do not let yourself be used as the material for the election fraud, to prevent the regime to hide behind the shoulders of the people." According to Pozniak, "it is necessary to leave the mode to falsify from scratch, that was obvious the fact of fraud and that was obvious to require argument elections without participation of the usurper of the presidential office."

In his speech, Deputy Chairman of the CCP-BPF Yuri Belenky said:

We should not go to the falsified elections, because it is a fraud …

"And we, as the Bible says, do not have to go on false paths. We must not go to the falsified elections, because it is a fraud. Solidarity We need to turn away from the regime. Solidarity We need to ask our citizens so that they not only did not go in that election, but have turned such a call to its neighbors, employees. our citizens to be at the polling stations observers watched the recorded number of those that will come. and present our entire society that invoice. Believe me, then change the socio-psychological atmosphere in the society. People will see your strength, and then pass away mode ".

Mr. Belenky said that the Prosecutor General of Belarus had been approached regarding statements Alexander Lukashenko about election fraud. The prosecutor's office said that "any citizen, they say, can say whatever you want and the prosecution has no evidence that it happened":

"This fact suggests that many power structures also do not respect the law. Moreover, those who have to take care to observe the law. And in this situation is really the only way just to turn away from this power. And in the Criminal Code, at least for those who do not take steps to stop criminal acts have a very good article. "

Presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov, Gregory Kastusyou, Vitaly Rymashevski, Statkevich took part in the action only the beginning. At a rally in Kurapaty Forest there was only one candidate for president — Nyaklyayeu. At the rally, he did not act. At the request of the correspondent of "Liberty" Nyaklyayeu Zenon Pozniak commented call to boycott the presidential elections in Belarus:

Boycott — it is no less difficult than choosing a single candidate …

"They say — the best option. I think otherwise, because the boycott — it is no less difficult than choosing a single candidate. If I was convinced that the boycott — it's the best option, then I would agree with Pazniak and now here with all together spoke to the people, let's — only boycott will save us. I am not convinced that this is so. Today is not considered a significant factor — the circumstances that have developed within the country and outside. pressure that occurs on Lukashenko, daily, he Growing ".

According Neklyaeva, Belarus missing people, their will and energy to turn the situation:

"Therefore, we will still try to go out on a single candidate, which will allow even more to rally the forces that are there. And if that does not happen — in fact I suspect that among the candidates still have the technical figures, and with them will be impossible to reach an agreement — therefore, if you can not unified, we will look for the best option. But I do not think that it will boycott. So far, I think, is the way to a single. "

The candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou encourages participation in elections and against the boycott:

If Paznyak offers a boycott, the CCP BPF had to work in this direction …

"If someone has something to offer, and it should take over the organization of the proposed business. If Paznyak offers a boycott, the CCP BPF had to work in this direction. Yet expires just talk. Talking about the boycott and wait for anyone to -that it started when other other thoughts, then it's not quite right. "

Yuri Belenky said that "from the point of view of the logic of the political process candidates would have to withdraw and to urge voters to boycott this farce."


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