Birds attacked airliner with 245 passengers

In the skies over the Baltic Sea a flock of birds was sucked into a turbine aircraft.
Boeing-757 taking off from Hamburg to Hurghada, was forced to cancel a flight due to engine damage.

A flock of birds, presumably gulls Crossing the aircraft airline Condor Flugdienst during takeoff, and the pilot was unable to avoid the collision. Crashing into the pack, the plane "sucked" a few carcasses of birds in one of the turbines. A few minutes later the crew of Boeing-757prinyal decision on an emergency landing: the engine was damaged.

Airliner with 245 passengers and eight crew members th landed in Hamburg at 7.40 am on October 31. As a result of landing one, but a few dozen birds hurt. "The pilots are always ready for such a situation, a collision with a bird flock is a mandatory training", — the representative of Condor. In the afternoon, all the passengers flew to destination on another computer company.

The representative of the Hamburg airport Axel Schmidt said that in Hamburg every year there are about 30 such aircraft collisions with seagulls, and only a quarter of them affect the serviceability of the aircraft.

Each year, the agency Spiegel Panorama from a collision with birds airlines are losing more than $ 1 billion. Such an incident could result not only in costly breakdowns aircraft, but even crash. So in January of 2009, American aircraft company Airbus 320 US Airways was forced to take to the water in the Hudson River because of a collision with a large flock of birds. "Three minutes after takeoff the plane jolted heavily and suddenly fell silent engines" — says Kolodgy Jeff (Jeff Kolodjay) is one of the 150 passengers ill-fated liner. "After that, we realized that we fall." The pilot did everything in his power to avoid disaster, he sent the Airbus incident in the river, and put the car into the water. The plane plunged into the waters of the Hudson River on most windows, but the crew evacuated all passengers out through the emergency exits. Victims have been avoided.

October 28 Boeing 767 Dutch airline ArkeFly charter flight from Amsterdam to Colombo (Sri Lanka). In the state of Goa airliner made an intermediate landing, and when taking off in his engine hit a bird The aircraft crew and passengers as a result of the incident were not injured.

October 16 An-148 STC "Russia" has made an emergency landing in Simferopol because birds landed in the turbine.

As the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "An-148" carrying out flight SDM-862 on the route Simferopol — Moscow immediately after take-off back to the airport of departure.

The cause of the emergency landing was the failure of the right engine. "At 21.42 at the Simferopol airport after takeoff, the plane of STC" Russia "has made an emergency landing on one engine. On board were 67 passengers and 6 crew members, resulting in an emergency landing of victims and victims ", — stated in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The cause of the engine failure of the AN-148 of airline "Russia", which because of it made an emergency landing in Simferopol after departure, was a bird.

July 3 Airbus A-320 made an emergency landing in Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" because of a collision with a bird. According to Novosibirsk transport prosecutor, shortly after take-off of "Vladivostok Avia" cruised Vladivostok Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, in the engine of the car hit the kite, causing vibration. The crew decided to return to the airport of Novosibirsk. After running out of fuel liner safely villages, there were no injuries. On board were eight crew members and 150 passengers.

April 28 en route from Moscow to Perm A-319 made an emergency landing at the airport "Sheremetyevo". "The plane took off from the airport on schedule at 7.50. The commander of the Airbus A-319 "Aeroflot", departing from "Sheremetyevo" in Perm, at 900 meters reported the bird hit the right engine ", — explained in the Federal Air Transport Agency. After that, the commander of the crew reported the incident to a manager and decided to return to the departure airport. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, at 08:29 airliner landed safely. None of the passengers and crew members was injured.

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