Bodies of British girls began to crystallize

May 28, 2012 23:07

British doctors are doing all they can to save a three-year British. Child before our eyes into a crystal.

When Emily Kemp of Leeds was 9 months, her parents are very concerned about a sharp reduction in weight daughters. The girl was vomiting all the time. Doctors long to determine why the health of the child so deteriorated.

Doctors conducted hundreds of tests and finally diagnosed. It turns out that the girl suffered from cystinosis. This is a rare genetic metabolic disorder characterized by a massive accumulation of cystine in the body. Suffers from the same disease, and a younger sister Emily.This disease is congenital and is caused by deficiency of the enzyme cystine reductase. This rare disease affects only two thousand people on the ground. During the illness is slow crystallization of the internal organs, and then the whole body.

The disease is almost impossible to treat, but doctors have the hope that after a kidney transplant, which almost turned into crystals, they get better.

Sister every six hours, give medication and drip into the eyes of special drops, without which the girls can go blind. Feed children through a stomach tube.

Tatyana Romanenko

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