Bought ice cream — was fined

Today, a judge of the Central District of Gomel Gomel resident Marina Domnenkov fined Ruslan Vstsimenku to 770,000 rubles.

The commandos arrested 22-year-old part-time students Vstsimenku June 15 in Lenin Square, where the rally was held silent "Revolution through a social network."

Tells the detainee:

"I was waiting for ice cream. Commandos came up and without charges, without a request to show the documents required to remove his hands from his pockets. Moreover commando" you "addressed. And when I refused to go to the other side area — such unreasonable proposal was received, offered to go commando on the bus. I went with him. Thereafter I was charged with resisting and using foul language. "

Ruslan was taken to the central police station, and then — in a cell where he spent the night.

Young man brought to trial witnesses — girls and boys, who were waiting for him with ice cream.

Catherine, a witness:

"My friend and I waited until Ruslan buy ice cream. Policeman came up to us and asked to leave. We replied that we are waiting for ice cream. Was only approached Ruslan, an employee has to ask: what are you going? Demanded from Ruslan remove his hands from his pockets. He got it. Ruslan spoke exclusively correctly, no foul language was not. "

At the hearing today were policemen, not special forces, who detained Vstsimenku. They argued that young man swearing resisted — and the judge fined Vstsimenku: 700000 — "for resisting police," 70000 — "for abuse."

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