Brazilian boy died twice

June 10, 2012 23:33

In Brazil, there was a unique case, which can be safely ascribed to the category of the paranormal. According to The Sun, with reference to the Brazilian media.

2-year-old Calvin Santos (Kelvin Santos) died in hospital of pneumonia, and his body was released to relatives for burial. During the farewell ceremony boy lay in an open coffin.

One hour prior to the funeral the next day, the boy sat in his grave and said, "Daddy, I'm thirsty." At this time in the room other than the boy's father Antonio Santos had a few very close family people.

They began to shout that a miracle happened and were shocked by what they saw. After a few seconds a child again lowered into the grave, and no signs of life. Antonio quickly took Kelvin to hospital, but doctors for the second time stated that the child was dead.

Between the time when the doctors for the first time the child was pronounced dead and the time when, according to the child's father, Calvin sat up and asked for water, it took about 20 hours. Parents waited a few more hours with the burial, but then still buried her son.

Father plans to sue the hospital. According to him, the doctors pronounced him dead too quickly, and the boy could have been saved. Doctors did not comment on his father's words that his dead son alive again for a few seconds.

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