Brings the benefit of the lake, and you are fined as a poacher

A few days later the society from the streets and squares of Belarusian cities and towns will disappear election pickets: collecting signatures for nomination of candidates for the presidency ends. Who among a dozen politicians who dare to take part in the election race to continue the race and has the best chance of winning?

Many of our listeners who write in these days on "Freedom", have no doubt that the winner in the end the power once again announce Alexander Lukashenko. But will this win fair and honest?

Our listener Victor Baranov from Rahachou, from a letter which will start today's conversation, suggests that help Belarusians to organize democratic elections can western countries. Mr. Victor says:

"Lukashenko has spent his life — it's time to retire. And before that it would be nice to provide all the presidential candidates as much time on state television channels — to the Belarusian population has once again made no mistake, choosing the head of state. Should consider the experience of those countries that have rich democratic traditions. example, the U.S.. Which is interesting, intense, equal there fighting for the presidency, how widely covered in the media all the nuances of it! And the corresponding result of the vote: The winner is revealed at the last moment, ahead of an opponent by a few percent. example of democratic elections, and showed Ukraine: there is also a difference between the main candidates — three or four percent. And we? Where'd Lukashenko is a wildly popular — supposedly as much as 75 percent? Because the population is not possible to look at the other candidates.

Another problem — as we believe newsletters. It is clear that the credibility of this calculation is not. I would have addressed the foreign observers such a proposal. Oh that they were brought from abroad equipment that can accurately take into account every vote. Man lowered his ballot in the box, and then pressed a button — and the tabla immediately vysvechvaetstsa for whom he voted. And all the people of Belarus have watched on television as a struggle between the candidates. I think that a dozen such devices would remove all the questions. And it was not necessary to go out to the streets. A technique that after the elections, foreigners might take in order not to suffer losses ".

The question is, Mr. Victor, will want to use such a technique Belarusian government, which controls the vote? Western countries would have gladly Belarus wide range of technical assistance in this matter — in order to make the elections as democratic and transparent. But for all the offers they receive are usually rejected. Quite accurately monitor voting results can be even without sophisticated equipment — with the help of the so-called "exit polls" (this is when the output of the polling stations in the people on the condition of anonymity independent sociologists interested for whom they voted.) An example of the recent Ukrainian elections showed how true this form of control. But in Belarus authorities banned such exit polls. Why? The answer seems pretty obvious.

Our long-time listener Michael medications from Latvia, in Riga, — Consistent critic of the socio-economic model, which was chosen after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Baltic States. As a positive sample, he often uses the example of Belarus. In a new letter to the "Freedom" Mr. medications writes:

"Address your remark in connection with the recent announcement that in Belarus increased by 12 percent pension. But in neighboring Latvia, pensions and wages are falling. For example, in June 2009, the average pension amounted to slightly more than 173 armor and in December fell to 155 lats. This was the cost of living — 163 lats. Thus, precisely because of the reduction in income seniors average pension in Latvia below the subsistence minimum.

That's what I decided to recall because the gears Belarusian Freedom of many things that is happening in Belarus, told without comparison to similar events in neighboring countries. And without such a comparison is not possible to objectively and fairly evaluate certain facts ".

As for comparisons with the realities of the neighbors — Good point, Mr Michael. And these data, we try to give as much as possible. That's given you a comparison of how to raise pensions in Belarus and a decrease in Latvia, it would be incomplete without information on the proposed level of inflation in the two countries. So, according to official data, inflation in Belarus last year was more than 10 percent, inflation in Latvia — remained close to zero. (A consumer prices there even declined by 1.2 per cent). So what should increase pensions in Belarus by 12 percent, while the prices of basic commodities and a half years that have passed since the last increase, jumped by 15-20 percent?

The following letter — a response to the transfer of Dmitry Bartosik "Liberty Travel" on the village Bobrovichi that in the Western region is described. One of her stories was dedicated poacher and fighters with them. Our long-time friend Constantine Syrel of Ushacha believes that active antybrakanerskaya company that is now in Belarus, as a result of a formal approach to the matter, and poor knowledge of the fish fauna is not only positive results. In his letter to the "Freedom" Mr. Constantine writes on this subject:

"To clarify his position, back in the not too distant past, when the fight against poaching was not as tough and brutal as it is now. All anglers are well aware of such a small fish as bleak (Uklya.) Here he writes about her Encyclopedia of Nature Belarus (quote): "Destroys the eggs and fry of fishes, is a competitor to supply them, the number should be reduced bleak." (End of quotation.) So, in those golden days of the recent I (and not only I, but many of my friends) very willingly and successfully caught this little mischievous, but very tasty fish small Chinese network (about 30 meters) with a size of 12 mm eyes. Caught me on the lake, on the shore of which is my problem. To the network fell almost exclusively vklyaya need observe only two conditions: a) the network should be placed away from the coast (at least 100 meters) at a fairly deep position (preferably 4-5 feet, no less) b) the network must be retrofitted with additional floating it to confidently swim on the surface, because Uklya is usually held in the summer at a depth of no more than 70 cm, eating biyaplyanktonam. Under these conditions, the catch consists of Uklya — 95%, small gustsyary (little use of non-industrial fish) — 4%, other species (mainly small roach) — 1%. Can say that it is extremely tasty dish is obtained by salting Uklya with spices like pilchards. still tasty smoked vklyaya. And if Uklya with smoked more and make preserves and butter, then … ladies and gentlemen, this is the highest pilyatazh! sprats at risk thereafter delicacy and you will not want to watch … I remember, so I now slinki flow, I'm blessed those years, not much and chasing other fish — well, it happened one day to sit with a fishing rod carp. But it takes time and thorough preparation.

And for all that I have brought our stuff vklyaey lake of great benefit. During the summer and fall to put the network vklyayu 10-12 times, each catch was 6.4 kg (400-600 it heads). Now imagine how much to eggs and fry of fish to feed such an abyss! How is it that I kept the valuable fish?

And put on the net today vklyayu! What happens if you get caught? Raging fine, and for what? For what benefit you bring the lake.

That's the theme of ".

I remember that back in the 70-80's in my home village in the north of Grodno old recalled that prior to the reclamation almost every house had and
canoe and fishing nets and other fishing gear. Fish from time immemorial has been a good addition to the not too rich peasant table. Nobody thought this occupation poaching and fish enough for everyone, though the village was crowded then.

During my childhood, the old cracked boat is useless rot zagumennyah: drained the marshes, the river became shallow, and the so-called "great chemistry", which came on the collective farm fields and meadows, complete the deal. Some even threw in a network shoaled river, but — without much result. True, the "fish supervision" while not particularly rampant. Probably for the then rybinspektarav was obvious that the fish in the rivers destroyed not net and line, and — yes meliyaratsyya use of chemicals.

Author of the following (the latter in today's review) sheet Vladimir Gajdukevich of Bobruisk, long been unhappy with the way cover events in the country state television and so-called "radio receiving station" — a wired state radio that since the Soviet era performed almost in every house and apartment, and its use is a monthly fee. Vladimir composed of about a verse in which, inter alia, contains the following lines:

"Just to be mistaken,
Us to achieve better than the truth.
Does not include you anymore "BT"
Do not look and "ONT".

Think for yourself, if healthy.
Know this: they are for fools.
But RL
To tell the truth to the people.

A "BT" and "dot" says
What power do you want them to. "

In his letter to the "Freedom" Vladimir Gajdukevich explained:

"This poem is my last week I sent the head of the Bobruisk communications hub. Asked to consider it as a statement at the end of which I asked to turn off this false" radio receiving station. "No reply has not been received".

To prevent a blackout "radio sets", communications with the community services have come up with a cumbersome procedure. And the statements should be like, and wait for the inspection. As if this is some kind of antediluvian technology complexity and cost, and the procedure is not limited to the cutting of the wire. But get off "-radio" is still possible — it's me, Sergei, checked on me.

The situation is really absurd: for primitive propaganda that sounds for days with the "-radio", and more people are forced to pay monthly out of pocket. And it is — not in the postwar period, when the alternatives "radyekroptsy" was not, as today, when everyone in your pocket — mobile phone, through which if desired, and listen to the radio, and the Internet use.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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